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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I won AGAIN!

Yes, the judgment day has come. It was all no hope but we still emerged successful despite that. Who would have thought that a four-page school paper would still win second Best Newspaper among the 15 schools who participated in the national press conference?

I know it is wrong for the EIC himself to think that way but I could not help, I feel inferior towards other schools. But we did it again. Last year, we bagged Best News Story for my article “Sojor orders PE teachers to return number tag fee,” Best Editorial and Best Editorial Cartoon.

I was in utter shock to hear our name as the second Best Newspaper. I was really in disbelief. When I actually received the certificate, I was really really happy because I must have done something good as the EIC to be able to gain such recognition.

I want to congratulate all my staff as well.

But the shock did not end there. I actually also won 2nd Best Newspaper layout. I won without anyone teaching me the basics of lay-outing. With all the ridicules coming from here and there, HAH! boo yaaH, sore loser. Eat my award! Booger spatter!

I guess what really justifies myself are these awards. I feel rejoiced with these awards in my hands. I may be lacking in so many ways, but still, I could say that I have done a commendable job.


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