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Monday, January 16, 2012

TOP 5 Hair Problems

I could be blind and graduate without hassle. I could be the kind leader everyone thinks. I could continue this apathy. I could not careless what would happen to them.

I have come up with a list with things that I see that they don't:

1. They are extremely tardy.

Even just by delivering the paper at the front gate, they won't. This kind of situation really pisses me off. THICK-FACED mammals!!! I, the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, would even carry paper to the front gate. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Do they have higher positions than I do? Hell NO! Also, they make one article for decades. They come with these reasons, God knows, that are just lies. If I'm below, the higher ranks are slow. If I'm up, the lower ranks are slow. If only there was another me below, everything would be better. But I see some potential though.

2. They are not clean.

They leave their garbage anywhere. Yuck, are they rich? ALL Norsunians are poor. AREN'T they ashamed!? And please!!!, some don't know even proper hygiene. Some people get their booger (dried nasal mucus or KUGMO) while using the computer. And what happens, the residues are left on the keyboard. GROSS!!! POOR manners. Take a look at your fingers, you might have those residues.

3. They are "H" alert.

They are just observant of their honorarium. But they don't care if they have fully finished their tasks. And who does their jobs? CHOOK here and CHOOK there, but are there any articles visible? DUH! What happens to those CHOOKS if the pens won't act on it? NOTHING!!! Unless I fill the CHOOKS myself! Yeah, that is STILL my job. Also, I really regret increasing their honorariums. Anyway, for the sake of the camera, I'll just do my best.

4. They are overconfident.

They love to talk that they are like this and like that. Yuck! What's with the over-confidence? I, too, say that I'm like this and like that but I don't take it seriously. Are they good enough? Setting aside modesty, I think I'm not that great and have more to learn. And here comes these "know-everything" people yet they actually don't even know when and when not to use simple contractions when in the first place they don't know what contractions are. And they still don't know that they don't know and I'm not in the mood to tell them so. Great writers! "Better than me" in what sense? Dream on! Oh yeah, I know one, better in TALKING. ALL TALK!!!

5. They are annoyingly sensitive.

They tell me that I'm kind. They think that I'm not scary, or perhaps I lack authority. But what really happening is that I control my anger so that I won't hurt any feelings. After I scold, I smile so that they would think I'm not serious. I really hate those times that I should be scolding someone for being irresponsible yet I stay calm. IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE COMMITTING MISTAKES ACT LIKE KITTENS SOAKED IN THE RAIN WHEN SCOLDED AND EVEN BECOME ANGRY IN THE PROCESS. HAHA!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not to put you down or anything. It is just that this is the truth. I’m not good in talking things like these so I just went on blogging hoping you’d read this and realize some things. I’m certain that lots of people are much talented than I do but without realizing their weaknesses, it just would not do.

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  1. OM.!.. you really get pissed off noh!
    (that's all i can say)


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