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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Live or die

The perfect way to start the day is to wake up beside the one that you love after a tremendous long round of hardcore talk. But instead of that, I woke up with my laptop signalling that it is already full. Just like a protocol, I opened my FB account, to my surprise, this article blurted out in my screen.

Anyway, this blog entry is not about masturbation but how do you live your life. I have been in lots of scary situations which somehow still puzzles me how I have survived them.

The biggest heartbreak I had so far was to stop schooling. I was stripped with the only thing I love. I have gotten to know almost all types of gambling. I have striven to get a scholarship, work part-time in a fast food chain, and suffice my own allowance. I had no one to turn to when I am down. Not even my parents, my father who was always insecure of me. It pains him to see me succeed, stupid! isn't he? But now, I am a month away to hold that diploma, to be able to finish a degree.

Another thing that bothered me is this new application in FB that says that:

This is so untrue. I'm more blessed of ugly, stupid, insecure, and dirty enemies. Like, I was always the center of attraction. It's hard to be good looking, intelligent, and successful in your career because you always have to pay the price and that price is finding a bunch of friends. But at least, I have one, I actually made an entry about her, just right before this entry.

People I meet seems to have an impression that I'm arrogant and stuff,  but actually I'm so humble.It is their insecurity that makes them hate me. But, I have been immuned to that hostile character towards me.

But i'm having the best days of my life.  

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