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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still a Kid...

Why I never grow old? It is mainly because of these big eyed characters on television. Yes, I’m still hooked with them. The ANIME world seems to be still so amazing in my eyes.

After I got home from an overnight stay at the office, I turned on the TV and scribble some channels, then here they go again, a queue of my favorite animes. I was supposed to fix myself early because of a report ahead of me. But then again, thirty minutes went to hours of sitting in front of the rectangular image shower.

I got sidetracked and forgot what time it was. I already forgot that I have a report to make. I was just gazing up on the monitor, smiling and laughing when there are punch lines. Now looking back to those times when I don’t care if my shirt is dirty or if my hands are dirty while eating, I realized that I have not changed at all.

The very first cartoon I have ever watched was X-men. It was used by my mom to get myself to study because my award was an episode of it. My mom bought a collection of it and we still had a VHS during those days.

And from that, I never stopped admiring those characters and dreamed that someday I will have a super power. My biggest frustration is to fly. I really want to be able to fly. I still remember those days when I used to have our towels as my cape and hangers as my sword. What a funny normal kid I was.

And, I will never forget that anime who took my virginity, I mean, my innocence. It was the ever erotic FUSHIGI YUUGI (Mysterious play). I was just on fourth grade when I saw it on GMA. I was not that into love stories but that anime really made me realized about the wonders of love. YUCK!

Anyway, back to present…I am now back to myself who has a report. The clock ticks 10: 28 and my class is 11 and I have not taken a bath yet. Yes, I’m the great example of a good student but anyway, I still cherish those times when I was still a kid.


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