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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thank You! Caroline...


Unsay blema nimu!!!
      Now, I am hurt. But good thing I always have someone that I could lean on. Though she’s far, I know for a fact that she’s always there to support me with all my endeavors and broken moments. For me, she’s my one and only best friend, Caroline.
       Right from the very beginning of my journey in the publication, she was the one who first greeted me with a “hello.” I could never survive the publication without her. Though she’s not beautiful at all, she’s very kind. Overreacting and stupid always.
      She was an exemplary student journalist because even though she’s already the business manager, she still hunts for news, actually, she does publish an article every issue. She was pitiful sometimes because she looks untidy because she always stays overnight and has delayed baths.
       Caroline belongs to a poor family but at least they are happy, well, she does have kind parents and a polite brother. I really envy such quiet family. She gives advices that I don’t need but I do appreciate them.
        But we had fights as well, lots of them. But we are the cold war type. There was one time that I called her “walay pulos” because she was not able to guard the actions of our former EIC which is really dreadful. We did not talk for almost a month I guess. But I did not mean what I say, and she said sorry for overreacting and I accepted it.
      But more than that, we do lots of things together. We eat, sleep at the office, skip bath, and laugh together. We even went to the cemetery together in order to solve a crime (it’s a long story).
      Caroline supported me all the way, from being an assistant editor/EIC up to my evil plans of overtaking the editorial board. She always asks if I’m hurt and I tell her I’m not though it really does. But I cannot tell that because she draws strength from me.
        She’s the only girl I permitted to say “I love you,” to me mainly because it really does not have any weight at all. She is my slave and avid fan. I’m so fortunate to have a friend like Caroline.


  1. ... milagro lage nisulat kag bout niya kEy!!.. ahihihihihi . ^_^ what is the meaning of thez????.. eHEm. . .

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    2. that's the meaning of FRIENDSHIP

  2. Mura man d.i mu og relatives ken!!! Naa jud mu similarities... hmmmmm.....

  3. Thank you so much Kenneth Pael,i love you,(:

  4. @shen: layu ra intawon, lahi kami ng mga cute
    @caroline: it's okay...


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