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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Angelo is not a pig, is he?

I am in the exact position last year when I was still a writer. Last year, I have written an investigative report about the alleged corruption of Student Government of Dumaguete City One President Christopher Don Catacutan. That article contains all the charges that should be pressed to Catacutan. I really felt nervous writing that article. Falsification of documents, graft and corruption, and betraying public trust. Honestly, I cannot imagine how famous how I've become if that article was published.

It was not published for the sad reason that the publication is also facing a huge problem. Our former Editor-in-Chief, Junrell Calunod, have lots of unliquidated resolutions which sum up to hundreds of thousands. The Business Manager, Caroline Casal, pleaded not to publish the article since she will be also held liable for Calunod's action since she's the business manager. If that article will come out Caroline will be in great trouble since Calunod is no longer studying. 

All the hardwork and fame disappeared into thin air but I did that for friendship. Friendship that I treasure so much. That's when I realized what I can do in the name of friendship. Though it is against the journalists' code of ethics. 

And now, another friendship is about to be tested. At first, I was very happy that the SG president is my course and batch mate. What pride it has brought to our department that two of the most powerful students are from the Mass Communication department. Angelo Nabalse was just an ordinary student I met three years ago. He was tall and dark and very funny. 

When he was elected SG president a year ago, I was truly happy for him. With the experience that I had, never did I forget to remind him not to be pursued by money. But with all fingers pointed towards him, I cannot help but become disappointed. Though he is still technically innocent but a name associated with corruption is no other less. 

Just an ordinary afternoon in the office, an acquaintance knock at the door and asked if we could talk. After a short while, he handed a receipt which states a transaction between Angelo and a pawnshop pertaining a laptop which is said to be the laptop of the SG (not yet verified). I heard that Angelo is already facing problems concerning his liquidation of expenses. And the unexplained gain of weight and new gadgets. 

How far will this piece of paper go?

And late this afternoon, I received a prank message from him that he already used last December 29, 2009 when TN was having its outreach program. My memory is good, Yeah!

The message was "Dis is Angelo Nabalse's mother. Sadly we will inform you that your friend Angelo passed away exactly 3:50pm ds afternoon. Naa mi krun Holy Child Hospital and he's remains wil be transferd at Tanjay City ds 8pm. Dili usa namu isulti what's the cause of death. Sakit pa. The family is sending ds msge to all n his phonebook. We don't know the reason what happened to him. Please send ds to all hs friends."

Aside from the grammatical errors like "he's remains," inconsistency like "not to tell the cause of death" then telling that "they do not know the reason," and informal spelling and speech. What kind of person is in his right mind would do that? He is still holding a significant position in the university. He is even a member of the Board of Regents. 

I cannot imagine what money could have done to him. Good thing I do not hold any money in the publication, I might just end up like him. I am now on the process of finding out the truth. The issue about the laptop has reached the university president. The university president has already made a three-man team to do the investigation. 

And now, the dilemma comes, whether I publish the story or not? 

So, it is now up for me to decide, is Angelo: Catacutan II?

Well, they are both fat (if not obese). 


  1. Hello Noblesse Key! (◠‿◠)
    Are you by any chance a fan of webtoon "Noblesse"?
    Anyways, thank you for visiting and following my blog. Since the URL you gave didn't exist, I followed this blog of yours. There are interesting elements here. I notice your post on "SHINEE" and "Naruto" on the sidebar. I enjoy SHINEE'S songs as well as the manga and anime of Naruto.

    About this post, it is sad to hear of such incidents. Unfortunately, these instances are becoming common these days. I hope the best for you.
    Take care! ^◡^

    P.S. Your virtual pets are adorable.

    1. Yes, I'm a huge fan of Noblesse, Shinee, and Naruto.

      Yes, it's quite sad that they are persuaded by money. Tsk.

    2. I just changed my url a day ago.

  2. In a text message, expect for incorrect spellings Key.

    1. That is not what I expect from a Mass Comm student...hahahah...LOL!

    2. ..yah!!.
      PULCIFICATION???.. mass com hui!..
      i guess thats supposed to be "Falsification " key!..

      trending na ka sa txt world dong. aheheh.. :)

      After reading your post,our ever diligent writer, Jessie dol'AI' said, "There is something wrong in this one!"

      Jala!!.. EIC. tsk3!!

  3. hahhaha.. I did that on purpose to create ruckus so that there will be lots of views.!!!

    1. nah jala palusot jud key! hehehe....


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