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Monday, March 19, 2012

Cosplay ala Journalist version

Anime and cartoons are already part of every child's life. Cosplays have been everywhere. Once upon a time, the student publication staff did have our own cosplay. Let's see who made it on the top list. 

Bea as Poison Ivy. One cannot imagine how hard it is to hide her "junior." 

Caroline as Anime School girl. She looks like more of a prostitute.SORRY!

Cheeno as Harima Kenji from School Rumble. With a fake beard and shades, He's all set. 

Dora as Kim Possible. The guts to show that belly  is impossible. 

Janet as Barbie. Well, she's more like going to the mall or something.

Jonas as I really don't know. He made an effort with those props though. 

Justin as Recca. So close yet so far. 

Lycel as Misa of Death Note. She just wore a black dress. 

Marga as Chun Li. Just deal with it. 

Rina as Sakura. Her costume was the most expensive. 

Rolyn as Maka of Soul Eater. Probably, one of the best during that night. 

Roxanne as Tomb Raider. They do have something in common. 

Sheila as a Brat. She's a brat. 

Paul as L. Hmmm...He just put some make-up on. 

Arvin as Rioleo of Hunter X Hunter. Not even close.
Noblesse Key as Miruko of Inu Yasha. Hahahah...
Looking back at this photos, I realized how trying hard I am. This was an epic! hahahahah


  1. Woah! Two posts in a row!
    No poem here so I had to look through these illustrations...err... I mean photos. I have always felt that humans would look better in animated forms. I still strongly believe in that.

    The photos are...amusing. Your captions are...never mind. Your costume is very bright. Very epic indeed! :D

    P.S The CAPTCHA word verification sometimes causes trouble while posting a comment. Would you mind taking care of it?

  2. I think it would be a very funny world if humans would be wearing anime attires...

    Like, when I want to play tennis and I'm wearing that kind of clothing...animes don't change clothes, right?

    My costume is just a collection of borrowed stuffs so it's quite far from the original...hahahhaha

    I'll find this CAPTCHA and Kill it!

  3. It seems that I phrased it wrong. What I meant is that I would prefer humans to look the same as in animation and not just the attire. But then the world will have to turn digital. I think I am drifting off to a very far off land so I shall stop now.

    If we are in an anime form, changing clothes wouldn't be necessary. Oh gawd! I am going way overboard. Sorry to have projected you through my insane ideas. and my ultra crazy brain!!! @.@

    1. Oh I see...hmmmm

      It's not crazy at's IMAGINATIVE!!!

    2. Superb! That makes me happy. Sui- forever living in an imaginative spiral. :D

      The string of thoughts that I had here while commenting gave me an idea for a story. Now I have added it to my growing list of probable stories.

    3. CAPTCHA has disappeared. You have vanquished it. You are victorious. Thank you warrior Noblesse!

  4. wow!.. Caroline looks tempting! :-*

    Key, is this for real?! Harima, by the way, is one of my biggest crushes in the anime world, next to INuyasha..Funny!!.. HE (kaila naka) wasn't able to reenact my Harima perfectly.. whahahahaha
    He dressed up like a father who wants to feed his family and so, he entered a job where he now fetches passengers with this white utility car.. u KNOW WHAT I MEAN, ryt?!! --ako rang gipataas para sosyalan ug dili sakit paminawun... heheheh

    Well anyway, nyc try Chin!

    1. mean Taxi driver? si cheeno?

    2. don't state the obvious my friend!..

      A taxi driver who looks appealing with those mustache on face.. Ew! kagilok!.. ;/

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