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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A cheesy afternoon with Mom

I went home from an overnight stay at the office. I was not planning to go home early but the brownout forced me. When I reached home, I went straight to my bed to have a nap. It was so hot that I went to the sala. And there she was, my mom was already testing her dresses that she'll use in my graduation. 

She was asking if she looks pretty with this and that. And I answered No. I told her that I'll just buy her a new dress. My mom has poor taste in clothes (I'm not good at it as well but at least better than her). Well, she is very simple and never puts make up on. 

I thought the hassle ended there. I went back to my bed and tried to sleep. But I was not able to do so since there was a "noice" roaming around the house. It was my mom's voice, singing her all time favorite "Top of the world". My father bought a new DVD player with built in videoke. 

I told my mom to not use the microphone so that she could sing and I'll have my sleep. She won't budge in so I had no choice but to went up. Being a frustrated singer like my mom, I scan through the pages of the song book. My mom was all proud since she got a 97 score. Huh! I was not born to be defeated!

I got the microphone punched in the code for "Just Once" I had no choice, all the songs were old. So the long round of singing battle. I sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Sway". My mom sang "Maging Sino Ka Man" and "Dancing Queen."

And the winner Mom...I let her win...hahhahaahahahah

I'm soon to be 21 but it does not make you less of a man to spend quality time with your mom. Kudos to my ever fickle minded mom. Joke! :)


  1. sweet. Moms are always the best, well that's what I think. So you let your mom win, really? She'll know if you did. (¬‿¬)

    1. hahahahaha...Yes, I let her win...She seems to be really happy when she feels that she can do something better than I do. I'm really good at almost anything.

      She won't know, she does not know I have a blog.

  2. ang cute ng bata sa picture. haha...and your mom is so bongga! lurv it. ^_^


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