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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Confucius' Apprentice

"Do not do unto others what you do not like others to do unto you." 

This quote has been used in millions of write ups and has been posted in countless walls. Very common. But, this I say, my whole year revolved on this quote. 

The election for new editorial board has already been concluded. A new set of officers has been named. But this post is not about them. It is how I have managed to take my revenge. A revenge I have waited for a year. This post might shake your confidence in me and you might never visit this site again but this I will pursue. 

Last year, during the final meeting before the election, I was humiliated. I was in utter disbelief that a person could ever do such thing. Embarrassing me in front of many people. I had done my best for the betterment of the publication and I do not deserve such treatment. I was smiling though I am crushed. Everyone knew that I was acting tough. I smiled beyond that. 

Good thing I had a friend that I can count on, someone I could share my burden. And that friend gave me hope that I will win the battle. And so did I. I emerged victorious. But the pain that I felt remained. It already made a scar that only revenge can remove. I tried to compromise but it was no use. I tried my very best to forget and let bygones be bygones. Sorry, it is impossible. 

And few hours ago, I had delivered my revenge. I won. I have reflected the pain. My bet won. But I did it in a clean way. I have used what I have learned in public relations. I have used my resources. I did it in the way that it should be. The right way to express your opinion. Not some dirty tactics. 

You might think that I'm a user. Honestly, I'm NOT. What I did it what I think the best for the publication. And I'm talking objectively. No biases. Also, the decision was not solely mine. My co-editors and I were responsible for the resolution. It was hitting two cans with one stone. (Thou shall not hit birds). It is just that I was the one who delivered the message. 

Selfish. Evil. Treacherous. Call me what you want. No regrets. I have to do it. I have to be tough before I face the real world. The world outside the four walls of the university. I know, I'll meet lots of attitudes outside, but my attitude is not that easy to suppress either. 

Anyway, congratulations to Rolyn (EIC), Albert (Assoc Ed), Jessie (News Ed), Myrna (Business Mgr) and Lycel (Asst. Business Mgr). Good Luck!!!


  1. According to Francis Bacon an English Philosopher "A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green." I prefer that quotes. :)

    1. I just have to let it go...for me to heal and do well. :)

  2. Can't call you any of those since I have no idea of what happened. You feel lighter now? Then no judgements necessary.

    By the way, that's an amusing header!
    Chill and be well! ;-)

    1. Yey!!! It's true that I feel lighter now. I was really anticipating for that event. Thanks for understanding. :)

    2. eeeeeeeeeEEehh.. LoVE is in the BLOGging world key!. ehem. NEVR mind!

  3. Hope, that revenge satisfied your anger towards that person..I mean, may you have comfort after your plan had applauded victory..

    1. Thanks Jessie...Yes, I am relieved...


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