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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The day before graduation

I have nothing to do but wait for the hands of our wall clock to move every second. I have run out of creative juices, maybe because of excitement. 

To keep myself busy, I went to school to attend Myrna's birthday. We went to the nearest fast food to eat. We really did talk a lot there. My staff were asking if they could go to my house tomorrow for the party. Well, parents are quite pressured to prepare some dishes for the guests that will go to our house to eat. I'm pretty sure that 75% of them are people whom I don't know and half of them don't know what's the celebration for. 

After the eating session, we went back to the office to have some movie marathon...first, we had "Hanna," then followed by "Tinkerbell". The movies were not that good. I mean, I did not really enjoyed it especially the ones with the pixies. If you're going to ask why such movie was showed, girls!!! tsk... But they were good time consuming. 

After the movies, opened my facebook account and there were photos tagged to my account. It was some conversation of some website. So I tried it and then. The talk goes on forever.  You can talk anything under the universe. If you want to talk about nonsense, go to The person/s behind this website will entertain you if you are bored. He/she/they is/are funny, sarcastic, stupid, crazy and spontaneous. 

 Time check 7:50 pm. Time to go home. See you tomorrow!!!And oh, let me show you my fellow graduates of 2012.


  1. So you had a day full of fun and frolic. Good to know that.
    Have a gala time playing the host to a party. ^_^


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