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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dumaguete's Pride

This morning, the university gymnasium was jam-packed with people who gathered to give support to our city's contenders for the country's number variety show "It's Showtime". Certainly, with clear biases, everyone was giving their loudest cheers for their comrades. 

The cheers even became louder when the judges have given their positive comments. But what really made me proud of them is because they were all my school mates. We were once studying in the same school: Negros Oriental State University. 

I could not have been more proud with these students who have striven hard to go to school and perform at the same time. Our university with the slogan "The school for poor but deserving students" is slowly making a mark in the country. 

Congratulations NORSUnians!!! Keep it Up until the grand finals! GO FIGHT WIN!!!


  1. Interesting concept! You have all the reason to be proud of your university and it's worthy students. I am also in admiration with the motto of this university, since a well made education system must give a chance to students who deserve to be there no matter what their financial state might be.

    Many congratulations! ✯(^◡^)✯

  2. Thanks Sui...

    Being poor makes you strive harder and do your best in everything that you do.

  3. Philippines' Pride! it's showtime ^_^

  4. hello there Noblesse Key.

    you have a nice blog :) i'm following you now. and i love the video (even though the line is not really good which makes the video slower)

    congrats to NORSUnian!

  5. Thanks for the appreciation! See you in the next few posts!


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