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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EIC knows Best

The time when I am going to pass my seat to the next editor-in-chief of the publication is fast approaching. I have doubts if they could survive without my help but I know somehow they would. Just like when I was in their position a year ago. The position for the next EIC has been long decided. She was even my counterpart during the last elections.

But the election is no longer about the EIC's position but to those who will support her administration. For the past few weeks, I have been conducting seminar-workshops to my writers in order to find potentials for the editorial board positions. 

After the sessions, I have concluded that the top applicant of his time was the most suitable right hand of the top applicant of her time who is the incoming EIC. They are both Education students, batch mates even. 

I know this is no need but I want to try if I'm a good campaign manager. 
He is none other than the very mischievous writer Albert Corsame Umbac. He has an eye for errors and a good listener as well. He knows how to accept his mistakes and learn from it. A quality of a person which is really important because in order to be a good leader one must be good follower as well.

He is very funny and easy to be with. He has certainly no attitude problems. He is confident but never arrogant. He is a happy person and shares his happiness to others. He never commands anyone and works without being told. 

He is a consistent writer. He is very open to criticisms as well, a quality which some people don't have. He never claims that he is a good writer but rather proves it through his news and features. And most of all, he does not leave anything on the keyboards aside from fingerprints. 

PS It's pay back time. 


  1. Wait. You're the EIC of NORSU? Oh my. Small world! I'm Rachelle, living & working in Dumaguete and a former EIC of your paper (it was The Edutech back then). Give my regards to Sir Romy! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Did you get to know about it through FB's Filipino Bloggers Worldwide group?

    1. WOW!!! What a small world indeed! Our paper is now called "The NORSUnian"...Sir Romy is no longer the adviser for the past year but your regards will reach him since he's my teacher.

      Yes, I got it from FBW group. Nice meeting you Ate. Anyway, what course did you finish?

  2. we need a dictator not a teacher!!!hahaha

  3. Tough work indeed! You'll get through for sure. Is that the blogger Albert Einstein? Does he know that his photo has been exposed? That's really a "poster for the win". Good job Mr. Campaigner!

    1. He may and He may not...hahhahahaha....

      Thanks!!! I think I'll go for Advertising industry after grad...hahhahahaha...*head up high*

  4. go EIC! ^_^ i love your new blog skin.

    1. Thanks Lin...I really worked hard for it...hayyy...


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