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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Enigma behind dreams

You can hear the clock tick away as you try to figure out the cloudy vision inside your head. You wanted to escape from that place or from that predicament that somewhat bothered for hours but you seemed to be trapped in it and you only ended up begging to get loose. The scenario abruptly changed and out of the blue, the once dark place vanished like thin air as you finally heard someone call your name. Then, you began to wipe the big drops of sweat from your brows as you realized it was just a dream.

Dreams. Are they just products of our playful imagination or are they intended to tell or warn us about something? Whichever is true and right for you, psychologists, scientists and even the commoners have been into this argument for quite a long time already. With the advent of high technology, there has not been a single concrete answer to this question. Even radios, televisions, journals, magazines, newspapers, or books cannot end up in one unified definition and explanation of what dream really is and why it happens.

Although dreams have puzzled billions of people worldwide, others seemed to have found means on how to interpret or put symbols on it.  

Are you dreaming of…

…love and romance?  It symbolizes contentment of the present relationship that you are in, whether it is pure friendship or something beyond it. It could also be that you are in love with someone and you are expecting him/her to return the same feeling.

If you are dreaming of a couple deeply in love with each other, well you could expect that something great will happen to you. It may be that you can achieve your aspirations or simply buy something you have wanted for a long time. If you are dreaming that your friend is in love with you, then you certainly want to have an intimate relationship with him/her or you have observed that there are similarities between his and your traits and characteristics.

…money, gold, or jewelry? It represents a comfortable life in the future. It could also mean that your hard work and diligence will bear fruits in the near future. It signifies that you value yourself, you have confidence to face the world and you really respect your well being.

To hold gold in your bare hands connotes that you have discovered something valuable. This could be a hidden talent, a realization of your mistakes, or a gain of self-esteem. To posses gold is no joke so take the opportunity and strive to never let it go. However, if you are throwing gold, you are letting go of something that matters to you or you have been reminded of a secret long forgotten.

…animals, insects, and lower species?  It indicates the reflection of your characteristics to that of certain animals. These aspects could be on your physical appearance or necessities. It serves as the mirror of your soul for animals do share some traits with human beings.

If you are dreaming that you are fighting with your fellow “animal”, you have a trait that you don’t like about yourself. It could also be that you have anger towards someone. On the other hand, if you could hear an animal talk in your dreams, you are intellectually gifted.

…death, fear, and funeral? It suggests a deep longing for someone. You are missing someone whom you haven’t seen for a long time. It could also be that you are no longer blissful with your present relationship.  It does signify that you are bored and tired of your life. If you dreamt that you died or someone close to you passed away, you want to erase someone in your mind that had caused you pain or hurt.

Dreaming of frightful things denotes fear of some events that might take place in the future as well as being disappointed with yourself for the wrong actions that you have made in the past. 

…school, assignments, and examinations?  It proposes that you are still confused of which path to take in the future or confounded with the feelings you feel for a certain individual. You are holding back some emotions because you are afraid that it will result to something undesirable.

On the other hand, if you’re dreaming that you are in school indicates that you might have experiences in school that has made a big impact in your life. If you have seen your teacher in one of the blurs of your head, it connotes that you are searching for advice or guidance in the situations that you are in. It could also be that you are the teacher, symbolizing  your conscience reminding you of your reckless actions or you want to give advice to someone important to you.

…sex and lust? It symbolizes your good sense of cooperation, love for oneself and others, and the possession of great self-worth and confidence. You are happy with your life at home as well as having a good relationship with the rest of the family members.

However, if you are dreaming that you are seeking for someone to satisfy you sexually denotes that there is something deficient in your life. Perhaps, you are not simply contended with your present situation. It also reminds you to control your great hunger for sexual activities.

Dreams have been used by early men to determine their fate. Dreams have been the primary instrument of early philosophers to conclude the elixir between its meaning and the dreamer. They might or might not have any link to the real world but it would also be harmless to try to make it as a guide in making you a better person. 


  1. Very informative! I never gave much thought to this topic. Maybe because I can never remember my dreams once I wake up.

    How about you? What kind of dreams are you having these days?...Umm...on second thought, I don't think that I would want to know. :P

    Oops!!! Don't be angry. *runs away*

  2. You can run but you can never hide.hahahahhahaha

    I'll tell you anyway, I'm dreaming of school related stuffs...And I think it's close to what's happening now...


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