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Monday, March 12, 2012

For just a little while

For just a little while we were here together

For just a little while we were side by side
And I know some day that we will reflect and see
what a special time it was
for just a little while
for just a little while we have joined our voices
for just a little while we have made a difference here
and I know that through it all
these are days we will recall
what a special time it was
for just a little while

We've been together for more or less four years and it seems like we have known each other very well. We have tried living in the same house when we had our OJT. We eat, laugh, and hang out together. We had done news leggings together, we have been to many places together. So, before we go to our separate ways, we had our get together. 

As the leader of the group, I have chosen the venue, the activities, and the food. Without any doubt, this group is a group who does not like crying. We are the unsentimental group. We don't like activities that are cheesy and stuff. So, what we had was pure fun. 

Everything was fun even for just a little while. 

Here are some snippets of our outing. 

Front (from left): Crystal, Diana, Geraldine
Next row: Kervey, Janice, Ethel, Pearl
Last row: Hemelyn, Deborah, Rolf

I was the photographer!

Hahaha...they were thinking that they are in some beauty pageant...tsk girls!

Camera whores!!!

When I received my something "funny" gift.

I like the background of this photo.

That's me! Imagining that I'm some hotshot. 

Just a candid shot!...I guess?

The Nose...hahahhaha

Okay...Why do I always get to be the photographer?

Hurry before I click the camera. The reaction of the girl (Pearl) at the back was just so funny.

That's me! Showing my pearly whites. 

Something funny. Kervey and I got multicolored boxers as gift from the girls.  ahahahha...This was an epic. 

Ma'am Joy, our very kind adviser, and Pearl. 

Tsk! Hemelyn! You should loose some weight, you covered me!

Crystal? The camera's here!!!

Just smile. 

Next to me is our Magna Cum Laude, Maybelle

Take it. Don't be shy. Kervey when he received his share of boxers. 

Never mind me. 

LOL! Just forgive me. 

Cheers to the graduates!!!


  1. congrats to all masscomm,,,gragraduate na kayo,,soon you'll be facing the outside world, goodluck guys,*(:

  2. That's some poetry! Sorry but if you post something with pictures as well as poetry I'll end up paying attention to the poem rather than the pics. So I witness the poet in you today. Not bad eh...

    ♫♪CONGRATULATIONS♫♪ on your graduation!

    1. hahahahah...that's my graduation song in high school. I think I disappointed you. I cannot post any poetry for now since you're exaggeratedly good at it. I don't have the courage to do so.

      But I learned something...Never mix poetry and that!

      Anyway, thanks for the greetings!

    2. Graduation song!!! What the...Hey you should mention that in your post. I am not disappointed since I never expected this in the first place. But all my surprise went in vain. I just feel duped. *_*

      So you learnt the lesson. Good for you. Don't forget to give credits to the source of the poem next time no matter where it came from.

  3. Sorry...hahahhaha...It is just that I really liked the song that after five years, I still remember each word of it. Honestly, I don't know where it came from...hahahah...

    I'm really learning a lot from you. :)


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