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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the Human Smileys

I always start my day with a smile because I believe it brings luck. I always smile that even when I'm serious, people ignore my feelings. They often see me as person with no problem. In the midst of a heated situation, I smile. Whenever I feel insulted, I smile. When I'm hurt, I smile. When I'm about to cry, I smile. My smile is my greatest weapon. 

I smile to lots of people everyday, classmates, officemates, teachers, acquaintances, and strangers. Sometimes, I just face the mirror and smile. They say when you smile without other people, it connotes that you really mean it or you're just going nuts. Certainly, it is impossible for you to be able to count your smiles but good thing we already have a camera to at least capture them.

The LOL Smile
This is the smile that burst. 

The All-Out Smile
This is the type of smile that you'll be able to count the teeth of the person. 

The Hepa Smile
Is the camera setting low or the teeth are just yellow?

The Consistent Smile
A smile that does not change even in ten shots. 

The Seductive Smile
This smile is often used by women to attract males and shemales. 

The Beggar Smile
This type of smile is very common in the streets. 

The Last Breath Smile
This is often seen on people which are about to die. 

The Brad Smile
This is a smile common to girls with huge muscles. 

The Ticklish Smile
This smile is seen on people embarrassed with themselves.

The "I'll kill you" Smile
When you see this smile, start to pray. 

The Bitch Smile
This smile is seen when people become happy with the misfortunes of other people. 
The Guinness Smile
This smile holds the Guinness for largest and longest smile. 
My staff always give me a headache. One cannot imagine what I have gone through because of them. But I thank God that I met them for they have given me smiles as well.
The Normal Smile
This is how everyone should smile. 
There are different ways in order for you to express your happiness. Start to smile today. Be happy. Be Budoy!


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