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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Angelina Jolie's Hubbie!!!

I was scribbling on my classmates FB accounts, this colorful picture caught my attention. It is actually an application in FB. Maybe random but interesting enough. So I decided to try it out, and here's what it gave me. 

I'm so disappointed that I look like BRAD PITT (hahahahahhahahaah). Not that I believe that I really do look like him. I'm just amazed that they (FB) chose him to be my look-a-like. William Bradley "BradPitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer. Pitt has received three Academy Award nominations and five Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one Golden Globe. He has been described as one of the world's most attractive men, a label for which he has received substantial media attention. 

It may be impossible to be as famous as him but we have something in common---Filmmaking. I, as a soon-to-be Mass Communication graduate, have been involve in the performing arts. I, together with my classmates, have joined comical skits and actually won first prize.

But an experienced I can never forget was creating my first short film. I was tasked by our college (College of Arts and Sciences) to produce a story for the First Short Film Festival of the university. Speaking of pressure, I was in drought of creative juices. But I have to do it for money! (I'm a self-supporting student)

So, I, with a little encouragement from my classmates, have come up with "RANULFO." The story revolves on a homosexual who was played stupid by his boyfriend. It is a mixture of love, tragedy, sex, and revenge. The story has lots of twists and turns that would make you bite your nails and cover your eyes.  

                                          Check me out at 11:56, I'm the one holding the camera

The film actually won Best Picture out of the FOURTEEN entries. We also took home Best Actress and Best Cinematography. But what makes it special, this film made me won BEST STORY. 

Brad Pitt may be a Best Actor at the Academy Award's but Noblesse Key is a Best Story writer. Big or small, we are the same. 


  1. Brad Pitt...nah. You look better than him. ;)
    Oh wow! You are very talented. *Claps*

  2. hahhah, nice one ken, I do salute you when you mentioned in the fourth paragraph that you are a self-supporting student.
    I, in one way or another appreciate your dedication despite financial inadequacy.

    1. You always make me wanna cry Jes...tsss...good luck in your endeavors as well...

    2. Salamat din,, anyway, GOD has always been good, so I have no fear about my life, though we are similar, like being a self supporting student. GOD will not leave me alone in the midst of darkness, I know that, as well he'll not leave you alone in your endeavors too.


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