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Monday, March 19, 2012

Why so disappointing...

It's hard to be hard working when there are people that do not even do their part. I once heard that this publication is a "one man show" and certainly, I agree. But never did anyone ask why? Never did anyone tried to change that. Maybe it's too late. Or maybe they don't care as long as they get what they want.

 Again, I had spent countless hours editing, lay-outing, and incorporating. And all for nothing. Nothing in return. Not even a helping hand. I am facing problems one after another. But why do I always get to solve problems on my own. You do have a brain, don't you? Why not use it? Why are people so insensitive? Why so disappointing?

 I'm so tired. I'm really tired. This is the last time. The last time I'll pay my debt to this publication. I think I have paid more than enough. It's all over now. I'm about to leave. But I will leave with my head up high for I did my best. And I know that my best was not just good enough. But it is the best.

 Finally, I'll be FREE.


  1. I empathize with you Noblesse. It so happens that the world we live in has the mind set to dump all the work on those who are responsible. Unfortunately the number of irresponsible, callous persons surpasses that of the efficient ones. The worst part is that the credit is given to the entire team even if the efforts were made by just a member.

    But you know what, at the end of the day you stand as a winner because hard work renders you as a more capable person. While others slept through the procedures, you gave it your best. You'll have no remorse and your efficiency chart will soar high. Right now, you may be disappointed but when the right time comes, you'll know that your diligence didn't go to waste. Just look for what you accomplished for yourself and you'll be proud. Well, I don't need to say that since you already are the best in your eyes and that is very important.

    Congrats on your freedom. If nobody did then I am clapping for all your hard work. Well done! ≧◠◡◠≦✌

    1. "The credit is given to the entire team" it can never be as simple as this. I have run out of fake smiles. It's just so vexing to see people sit pretty and relax while I'm burning all my calories.

      Thanks for the encouragement Sui, it's a good thing that someone understands me well. Fighting!!!


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