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Friday, March 9, 2012

Last Load Slip and Grades

I have accumulated eight load slips but this one is just special. In Negros Oriental State University where enrollment is such a long process. From the falling in line under the scorching heat of the sun, turtle-paced movement, and the stinky odors of your line mates. You are not a Norsunian if you have not experienced such hassle. 

One cannot fathom what joy it brings to be able to hold your load slip. A huge of breathe of sigh. What a relief to have in hand your load slip. 

Before a graduating student can assure his seat in the cultural center. He must accomplish his Graduating Student Grade Form. The catch is whether you'll catch your teachers or not. The passing of grades has deadlines unfortunately, the teachers are not observant of that policy. 

The student and teacher plays cat and mouse. The students hunt their teachers for the grades. Some are easy to catch but many are skilled. It is an exhausting job to do. With all the fines imposed for late Grade Forms, a huge headache before one can graduate.

Luckily for me, I've caught all of them on time. 



  1. Libre niya ha,,mu graduate na gud ka..hahhah

    1. Uhhhmmm...I'll think about it...hahahahhaah

  2. That's an amusing system. Congratulations on your successful hunting...err..I mean graduating.


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