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Monday, March 12, 2012

Like Stars on Earth and Budoy

I have been in awesome communication with another blogger from India. And there's something familiar about the place. It kept on running in my mind for the past few days. It's at the tip of my tongue but I just cannot get it. 

But when I went outside the house, I looked up at the sky and saw tons of stars. In a split second, as if someone pressed F5 in my brain, I finally remembered the last movie that made me cry---Like Stars on Earth. 

At first, I thought the movie was boring since it's more than two hours and the early parts were just talking. But the thought that Aamir Khan (lead actor of the all time favorite movie "Three Idiots") was the producer of the movie kept me watching. 

But when the boy was starting to imagine things, I cannot help but remember how I was. And at the middle of the movie, my tears came running down. I really liked the scene when her mother was flipping through the drawings of her son that was slowly being departed from his family. Good thing I was alone. I cannot afford sometime see me while I'm letting my tears flow.

But the part that really made me sob was when the boy saw his teacher (Aamir Khan) made a portrait of him. It really made him special. Well, he is really "special" if you know what I mean. 

Nevertheless, the Philippines has its own way of showing the importance and giving respect to persons with disabilities. It was a shock to all the fans since one of the leading male superstars in the country agreed to such role. He is Gerald Anderson aka BUDOY. 

The soap opera really had big ratings and has gathered wide attention especially in the humanitarian sector. I, myself, was amazed how they have come up with such vulgar story. 

When I watched these shows, I really felt bad since I sometimes laugh at the disabilities of other people. I felt ashamed of myself somehow. It really affected me since I've been really careful of my words now. I no longer make jokes related to disabilities. Because there was one time that I joked about being "abnormal" and I never thought that the person I was talking to has a brother which is suffering from epilepsy. I was really embarrassed. What a hard way to learn a lesson. 

Life is hard to us normal people and I cannot imagine how hard it would be for those who have disabilities. I may not have the money to help them but I guess my respect would be enough. 


  1. I am guessing who this blogger friend from India is. Hope that I am right. ;)

    Aamir Khan is considered to be one of the finest actors of India. I have watched the movie, well bits and parts of it since I am not fond of watching such movies but it is a remarkable piece with great message. 'Three Idiots' is another blockbuster here but I didn't watch it even if it appeared several times on television. The movie is based on a novel by one of the bestselling Indian author who isn't my favorite at all.

    I have always felt deeply for the "specially-abled" and admire their strength in making the best of whatever they have.

    This is quite a thought provoking post if someone cares to notice.

    1. It is certainly not you...hahhahahhahah...joke.

      I really salute those people who understand their situation. If I were to put myself on their shoes, it would be really hard.

      Respect is what we should give them in the least.

  2. Last Indian film I watch was the "Slumdog Millionaire" that was brilliant film. Aamir Khan is such a good actor. I'm a massive fan of him. I bet this film will hit the box office.

    1. I bet Slumdog Millionaire has won an Academy last 2009. Unfortunately, I have not watched it yet...


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