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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Make up and Lipstick

I am really amused on how my female classmates would strive hard to put some make up on even though it is not necessary. They always find time to put some lipstick even though the professor is looking at them. They have huge obsession about their hair. And they always argue who is fatter though they just look fine. Finally, I snapped out, I asked one of them and she told me that she wants to look like her favorite actress. 

We all know the stereotypes-the femme fatale, the supermom, the nasty corporate climber, and the sex kitten. Whatever the role is, television, film, and popular magazines of girls who are typically white, desperately thin, and made up to the hilt-even after killing a huge number of werewolves or just walking down the aisle. 

With the advent of modern technology, mass communication has been as easy as ABC. Family members who long for their love ones can easily get connected through wireless communication devices. Notifications and personal messages can be sent and received in just a few seconds. But on the other side of the table, communication in the form of multi-media has seemed to have a negative effect.

I have realized the significance and the role of media in the holistic development of mans’ best companion, women. The word beauty is already associated with women the moment the word is spoken. Now the problem is, not every woman is beautiful or in the least, not every woman is beautiful in other people’s eye especially to men.

But what really got my attention in the role of mass media which sadly contributes to the insecurity and inferiority that women feel and experience.

As complex as girls think is there problem of being accepted for how they appear particularly in the physical aspect. In a world wherein beauty has a standard, it is a big loop for women to overpass it in order for them to gain acceptance in the society.

Women tend to be victims of the women portrayed by media which is somehow contradictory to what a real woman should be. Every day, we watch television but the underlying meaning on what seems to be a simple commercial about a diet product has actually a great influence on what women think about themselves.

As troubling as it may seem, I honestly do not know what side to take. If I would sympathize to women, it might hinder to what my future job would be (Editorial Assistant at For Him Magazine [FHM]). It would be hard for me to deal with my work if I’ll think of what it would cause to women.  

On the other hand, as mass communicators, we have the responsibility to the people to deliver information that would make their lives better and their living more comfortable.

The bottomline is that I acknowledge the lack of experience that I have on this matter and it would be rubbish to further talk about it. Thus, let me end this blog with a promise to study media in a deeper sense for me to come up with the best solution to the aforementioned problems.

PS This post is for my female blogger friends who are insecure of themselves because of what they see in the media. 


  1. I wonder if I should comment or not because you clearly mentioned that, "This post is for my female blogger friends who are insecure of themselves because of what they see in the media."
    But I will express my views anyways.

    What you mentioned here is a fact, undeniably. But I wouldn't blame the media entirely. It’s the person’s fault to believe in unrealistic presentations. People are stupid to not realize that there are softwares like Photoshop that can turn withered leaf into a fresh one. Media simply feeds on their gullibility and shows what they want to see.

    Girls aren’t born this way. They are put in such a mould that they end up believing that they are supposed to act in a particular manner. Excessive emphasis on outward appearance by the society as a whole, especially in case of females, has rendered a sort of insecurity in their minds which tends to escalate at some point. There are clichés in this world and this is one of them. It’s a materialistic era where powdering faces is more important than developing the brain skills.

    Just so you know, I have had the fortune of being in the company of gorgeous women(personality wise) who carry themselves very well and quite confidently without having the need to put up a plastic face. Perhaps I should include myself as well, since I am invariably secure about the way I look. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a lipstick and there are girls who turn up to me and ask which products I use. Hilarious!!!

    What I am pleased about is that you are not amongst the league of males who look at women as an object. I congratulate you on being such a thoughtful guy. Perhaps you would bring about a revolution in the face of mass media.

    P.S. I am speaking my mind here so don’t doubt my sincerity.

    1. What I'm really trying to say is that one can be happy even if you're not really physically beautiful as long as you love yourself for who you are.

      I just admire the makers of know, Fiona did become happy even when she turned into an ogre.

      So, your lips are naturally beautiful. No surprise. It is good to know that you are knowledgeable to the realities and fantasies presented in the media.

      "Thoughtful" hmmmm...It's actually the first time I've heard that...Yey!

    2. I understand what you mean and I vouch for such thinking but I wanted to take this chance to delve a bit deeper and show you another perspective which is very much related to the point you covered here. Sorry if I went a little overboard.

      Shrek..what an example. Unfortunately there are those who watch Snow White and Cinderella. No arguments please.

      Not just my lips...oh well never mind. I didn't mean to put it that way. Damn!

      I specialize in marketing management so I know the inside info. Once a teacher told me that I have the ability to sell comb to a bald person. I don't know if it was meant to be a compliment but it makes me look like a conniving person.

      Really??? Surprising that no one noticed it, but then again you probably never 'met' someone like me before. Ahem!

    3. Well, our majors are not that far, are they?...And oh, we are both good at persuading people, that's interesting.

      Yes, nobody thought that I am thoughtful...People [office mates and classmates] see me as a sly person. I could not blame them though...hahahha...


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