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Sunday, March 11, 2012

My books are Brown

The mind is the sharpest tool in the universe but without friction it will become dull. Okay, I admit it, I'm a nerd. I cannot help myself to be drawn by books that keeps my brain bugging. It's like alcohol for me if I was an alcoholic. I have read tons of books which I own and mostly are borrowed.

Like six years ago, Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" created a ruckus in the religious sector especially on Catholics. I was in fourth year high school back then. I was intrigued what the books contains. I tried to borrow from my classmate but she won't share. So, I decided to save my allowance just to buy that book. It took me two months to save P 495.00. It's hard to buy things when you are poor. I love and hate being poor. Life is so hard when you're poor but it makes you stronger. Anyway, back to the book. 

Right after buying the book, I went to the city library and started reading. I was reading and reading until the lady-in-charge told me that they are closing. I have not taken my lunch and dinner yet. It was really a good book. Yes, it was just a book. There were fascinating facts but at the end of the day, it is still fiction. I finished reading it in three days. Well, I was reading it while having class. Sorry to all my teachers for being a naughty student, I really mean it. 

It does not end there, when I became a freshman in college, I heard from my classmates that they like the prequel of the The Da Vinci Code better. The title of the book was "Angels and Demons." So, I asked them if they could lend me the book. But it was no good, the book was already across the island because it was borrowed by the owner's relative. 

I tried saving money but college was all spend on this and spend on that. But, luck has come my way, when I reached sophomore year, a co-staff in the publication actually has a copy of the book. I did not wait for long, I asked her if I could borrow the book. Actually, it was not hers, it was her classmate's book. She (Rolyn "A Dose of Orange Ink") tried to read the book but her father who is a pastor barred her. A good daughter as she is, she followed her father.

To continue, I was so amazed with the book that the moment I got hold of it. I went straight to the university library and started reading. I skipped class, including my major subjects. I cannot help by turn the pages. I cannot remember how many people I have bumped just because of reading the novel while walking. Oh, I was so hooked to it that I cannot wait for the classes to end. I finished reading it in five days. 

I thought that it was all there is. But when I, together with my staff, went to the National Bookstore, I saw this this book in sale. The first novel Dan Brown has written, "The Digital Fortress." I was so excited to get to see that book. My heart was pounding since I was more than satisfied with the previous books that I have read. 

My pocket was in good shape that time. So I went straight to the cashier. I calmed myself and decided to go home to have a quiet place to read the book. But while travelling back home, I already started reading the book. From the first few pages of the book, I already knew that I will like it. 

But the funny part is that, I cannot let go of the book and I have appointments with my friends. I was with them but I was not. Nevertheless, they are my friends, they already knew who I am and how nerd I am. Hooray to my friends. I finished the book in two days. 

Next on my list are "The Lost Symbol" and "Deception Point." Can someone lend me a book? 


  1. I am flabbergasted with your dedication to read your favorite novels. I can relate to how you feel, well at least to some extent. While I can always ask my parents to buy me books but I always prefer to save my own money and get the novel I want. Basically I love to own a book. I always put my initials on each copy of book I buy using my saved up money. I guess I have ownership obsession. haha

    I read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code once which my mother gifted me. Apparently she thought that I would like it since I enjoy such books but for some reason I am not particularly fond of this author's work. No offense intended to the fans. Really it's my personal taste. I didn't go buying any more of his books.

    How ironic...the one who wants gets it with difficulty and the one who couldn't care less got it for free. Sigh...

    1. Hahaha...Yeah, there are certainly lots of occasions that I envy children with parents that are good providers...My parents are not fond of books...

      On the other hand, whenever I see some of my classmates study really hard and still fail while I'm just chilling out and updating my blog and still gets a high score.It makes realize that everyone has something good about their life and life "can" be fair.

    2. Okay! Got it Mr. Smooth High Scorer! :P
      What a wonderful thought you have put forward in the last line. I shall keep these words in mind.

    3. hello pwede mo apil?

      in english: hello! can I join?

    4. hahhahahaha..."joy" to the world!

  2. ..super duper nakakahiya naman kahit isang book na binanggit mo.i haven't read one,,hahahaha,,hihiram nalang ako,,,kenneth ha??????????,.*(:

    1. Okay, be sure to tell me what's your opinion about those books.


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