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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mi ultimo Adios!!!

My Last examination in college is Political Science (Textbook on the PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION by Hector S. De Leon). From page 1 up to page 237, it was all about the State and its elements, Preamble, National Territory, Declaration of Principles and State Policies, and the Bill of Rights. The examination was 20 items identification, 15 items matching type, and 65 items enumeration. 

Imagine how many words I have to store in my brain just to answer a single question. Not to mention, that my teacher, Sir Oliva, is such a terror and a pain the neck. I have spent four hours straight reading and memorizing hundreds of sentences, not to mention the ones while I was riding the easyride, while eating, and while walking. From one Article to another, from Section 1 up to Section 28. There are so many things that need to be remembered. So many possible questions, you don't know what to prioritize. 

All these laws, policies, democracy, constitution, rights, preamble, territory, sovereignty, people, government and politics are endless. It feels like that I was about to vomit at any time. I felt as if I was taking a board exam since that exam will determine if I can graduate or not. 

It's so hot outside that I cannot concentrate on studying but it's so noisy inside the office that I cannot remember what I have studied. Speaking of pressure, my stomach is crumbling, I know some of you cannot relate but you'll understand how I feel when you'll cross the bridge.

Anyway, if you're wondering how I did in the examination. Well, I got 87 out of 100. 

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