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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No next time

When a door is close, a window will open. But why does my life always like this. 

This morning, I applied at a call center company and was not able to get hired because I failed the final examination. If you are thinking how frustrated I am, it is not imaginable. But tomorrow is another day. I guess call centers are not for me. 

Looking back what happened this afternoon, I was stuttering when I had my call simulation. It is so funny thinking of it now. I never stutter. But I guess the pressure to find a job made me do so. It has only been four days since my graduation and I'm already stretching my bones again. My brain wants some rest. Okay, I gave in. I'll give you what you want. On another thought, maybe I'm just making excuses for my failure. 

Contrary to my last sentence, I still have a pending job at the publication. I still have an Art folio to get published. May be Mertle prayed that I would not get accepted. He wants me to finish my responsibilities before I go. Well, thinking of it, it is quite reasonable. I could have not finished schooling without the publication. But the publication would not survive either without me. Mutualism is perhaps the term for that. 

Decision making time, I've decided to stop applying for jobs for now. I need to focus on the publication first and for our upcoming Farewell Party for the staffers who graduated which basically includes me. 

But not able to get that job made me realize a lot of things, I feel really nervous in front of people, I always go to the CR, and most importantly, I have limitations. The reason for my rejection is for me to do better next time. And definitely, next time there will be no next time. 


  1. When I read the snippet of this post on my dashboard I immediately thought "What's the big hurry? It's not even been a week since he graduated." But then I tried to comprehend with your eagerness thinking that perhaps there's a deeper reason for your actions. Now that I have read the entire post and you have probably come to the same conclusion, I don't think that there's a need for me to start my 'counseling sessions'.

    Anyways, from my perspective (I don't know if it matters though), you have done yourself a favor. That super brain of yours needs time to relax and think through things.

    Just chill and have fun. Once you get into the workforce you wouldn't get the space to doze off much. So take this chance and spend some time resting 'workaholic Noblesse'.

  2. I could not agree more. It made me realize how important it is to have fun. I could no longer think of the time that I gave myself a break. It was indeed a blessing in disguise.

    Thanks for the encouragement Sui.

    I may have failed in my application but at least I could write something in my blog. hahahah

  3. relax buddy...Just keep doing what u enjoy and feel is right....things will fall in place at the right time :)

    1. Yeah, i'll take that advice...welcome to my site...

  4. maybe key, call centers aren't for you!..but come to think of it,, ur not the only person in this world who was unfortunate in applying a job, many are!.. thats ur first attempt. Dont worry..
    maybe there are still a lot of opportunities out there waiting for you, bigger than u ever thought!!...

    Ok okey!! Be happy! Be tahnkful! Be urself!.. heheh

    1. hahahhahaha...whatever Jel...Anyways, thanks for nothing.

    2. walay word na "ANYWAYS"!!.

      by the way, did rina pass??

    3. Anyway with s...for plural...hahahah...

      Yeah, makasuya...hahahah...

  5. Okay lang yan, Kinet! Huhuhu! Ako na lang mag isa :( But as how your motto goes, definitely, there's a better job out there waiting for you :) Cheer up! :) *Fantastic!* haha!


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