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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Not getting over TN...

I was checking on up my cousins FB accounts, Love and Faith, former artist and photographer of TN. There was nothing special about there posts but some tagged photos really caught up my attention. The setting of the photo was very familiar as well. And if I'm not mistaken, I have been there and taken some photos at the same spot.

The people inside the photo were former-TN staff...But I know a few...left most is Love (artist), Merlinda (EIC), Jick (artist). The three boys at the back, starting from the left, are David (writer), Joel (Features Ed), and Pierce (webmaster). Right most is Arianne (Assoc Ed), Faith (photographer), and Micho (News ed).
But I only experienced the terror of Arianne when I was a newbie since this picture was taken years ago before I joined TN.

Base on this photo and the conversations they had on it. They seem to have been really fond of TN. I must say that there were times that TN really made me happy especially that I'm surrounded with intelligent people who are at the same time very funny. 

First on my list is my best friend Caroline (Business Manager). She is really stupid and overreacting that's why she's really funny. Imagine that you're so intelligent and you're with a loser, you explain things that are so simple yet she does not understand or say something very "no big deal' and she feels bad about it, funny right?

 Jay-r Luyas aka Bea (lay-out artist) is one hell of a bull shit. She is certainly crazy. She is really crazy. She is absolutely crazy. The TN office is always lively with her in it. There is no dull moment. She makes other people happy though she's not feeling well. Also, she is the target of all the ridicules you can think of and yet she's okay with it. I really miss her.
 Dorothy Mae or Dora (News Editor) is our optimistic girl. She is very friendly even with to people she just met in the streets. She is really confident. Imagine walking along the streets and she would just knock on someone's door and ask for a glass of water. Who in the world can do that so confidently and naturally? She is bubbly and I admire her for that. She graduated Magna cum laude by the way.
 Noriel (Asst. Business Manager) is our great impersonator. Though I only had a semester with him in the publication, it was really remarkable. He is so good in copying Ruffa Mae Quinto and whenever he does that, you cannot help but cachinnate on the floor. He has laptop which I overplay.
 Maria Margarita...Marga!(Editor-in-chief) for short. She is the person whose thinking is so close to mine. We are in the same  brain wave. We understand each other and because of that, I had fun spending money with her. We eat and spend. She really made me happy when she increased my scholarship and honorarium (I really deserve it though). She is beautiful inside and out. 
The BEST among them all is none other than KUYA MARVIN (News editor). Every joke is funny, every punch line is HAVEY, and every strike is applaudable. He is the JOKE personified. Imagine a meeting when everyone is so quiet because the EIC is angry and he spills a joke and everyone laughs including the EIC. He is the only person who can do that. He is a good editor as well. 

As funny as it may seem, how ironic for me to feel sad though I'm the EIC.But at this moment, I have my own THREE Idiots that somehow makes me smile and laugh.

Albert (senior Writer) is a dangerous person. He is often  quiet but he knows how to kill. He is like a devil in disguise. I would never forget that post that made a girl come all the way up to TN because he posted in FB that the girl has a baby. He has lots of funny facial expressions. He is shy among boys. SNOBBISH is so many ways but that's the funny thing about him. He thinks differently among other. He is hard to read. Mysterious!!!

Cheeno (artist) is "SUPLADA" to the highest level. Imagine asking a  question as polite as you can and he will answer you with the most sarcastic way that he can. If you're not openminded, you'll be pissed off but I find it funny. He likes to be teased with Albert, well, that's what I think because he always gives a smile whenever I do so. He has a funny nasal voice. YUNGIT!!! And he's not graduating, hahahahahahahahah....Funny!

I told you he was funny. Jessie (Senior writer) is a joker but he does not know that. He talks funny. He dances funny. He expresses himself funny. And the funniest thing about it...He is SERIOUS doing it. What a funny person this man is, always puts a smile on my lips and gives me laughter.  
In TN, I learned to laugh and shout out loud. LOL


  1. those three last men made me LOL :D to the highest level. ^_^

    1. the LAST one is the BEST... hahahhaah...

    2. Funny nga diba...hahahha...Smile!!! :3


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