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Monday, March 5, 2012

Of Opening folders and Taboos

I had this long round of messages with one writer in the publication. And she asked me about the images that I have on my folder. The folder was actually named "Report for Marx," therefore that folder is for academic purposes.  

Coco Martin is part of my portfolio considering that he is very famous in the country 
And there, to my surprise, these little curious girls were feasting on the obscene images of men in my folder. Those images were used in my Powerpoint presentation which deals with the protrayal of men in the print media under the topic "Erotization of Men." Inside the folder was my documentary report and the module for understanding men's behavior. 

But they were so preoccupied with the images that they are thinking illogically. These little cunning girls never seems to amazed me with their dullness. I was laughing my heart out. I cannot imagine what they have imagine what I am doing with those images. Naughty, naughty! 

However, that is not the question, WHAT'S WITH THE OPENING OF FOLDERS YOU DO NOT OWN? What happened to what we call privacy. Tsk, bad girls. What a corrupt world this has become. 

I guess, they just cannot help but be curious with my good looks and exemplary intelligence. 


  1. This post reminds me of my college days, we were curious about our assoc's identity, why he's having nasty text messages from an unknown sender and later we found out, ...we were right....hehhe just prove to them they are wrong, they won't stop unless satisfied....

    1. good thing he was not an EIC...anyway, everything's clear now...thanks

  2. Go ahead laugh all u want... but let me explain.....
    I never saw those images key, FIY!...
    It was MYRNA ALAaaaaaaaaaaarcio (BITCH!) who told me about that damn thing. !
    "that they are thinking illogically."???? excuse me.. unsay "THEY?, si MYRNA rah!..
    nangutana na gane ko diba para i-klaru ang tanan.....
    At least!!!..

  3. luoda pung COCO anah dinha uie!!!!!..
    ingun ana gud d.i ka-GROSs ang mga photos nga naa atong folder'a. MY god!

    Hai nako kinit. ! E'blog gud d.i daun sah???! :)

    1. hey Jela! niingon ra co nga naay ing.ato nga photos. kaw na ng ni.assume nga mao to xa!!! hahaha

  4. hey Key! i didn't open that folder. it was your fault. you forgot to close it before i took over the pc... im sorry for telling it to Jela! hehehe

    1. Why sorry, it was not your fault that other people thought something bad about me. :3


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