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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Passing the Load

"For those who feel weak, remember that once upon a time, there were millions of sperms fighting for your position and YOU, my friend, were the strongest."~Noblesse Key

As I went through the text messages yesterday, a friend of mine was troubled because she had an incomplete grade in one of her major subjects. I tried to cheer her up but she was so depressed. She is still a kid though. She is just a sophomore incoming third year next school year. As her senior, I gave her some instances, that my journey was not that easy. 

The awkward part is that I had a senior as well who gave me some advises when I was still a newbie in college. I could not believe the cycle of life. The feeling of giving advises was surreal and overwhelming.

PS I'm starting to live my dreams. First step, to have my quotes being quoted. 


  1. ow!.so, u think that was a sumptuous advice you made there!.. hahaha .. sorry I didn't take that too seriously ..... remember, u laughed at me wen i told ya bout that problem.. still , i highly appreciate what ya did!..
    Thanks key!.. I wish you ol the best in your career..

    Good luck! Godspeed :)

  2. Hahahah...I'm just trying to make myself look good in the eyes of other people...hahahahah

    1. ..hey key!.. never tolerate that kind of attitude.!.
      'Make urself look good in the eyes of other people?'???.. hmmm..

      just be yourself !.. show who u really are or what u are capable of bcoz from that, u wud gain great admiration and acceptance from people around ya..

      Oh ayan!,, ako naman ang mag-aadvice..

  3. Believe me, I have had the misfortune of meeting several 'poor souls' who cry because they went down to a score of 98 from 99 out of 100. These kids are really naive. They need to look at the bigger picture. In due course of time they will realize and if they don't then I really wish them luck because life in going to throw even worse scenarios in front of them.

    The quoted words of yours give a great insight into valuing our existence. I am in agreement. In fact it's quite similar to the way I feel.

    I got to see another side of you. No wonder Orange Pulps was all praise for you in her latest post, although I didn't understand half of what was posted so I didn't leave a comment.

    I am happy for you that you have started living your dreams. That should be a motivation for your juniors too.

    1. Okay! Now that I pay attention to the above two comments I realize that I might have stepped into two persons personal matters indirectly and unintentionally. I apologize since I never meant to do so. My comments are more inclined to my personal experience and my views on this topic.

    2. hey! thats not a problem miss!... im sure Noblesse Key would gladly want to see your side on all of his posts.. ow!.. he expects that from ya!...

      u know what I wud love to know more about you.. oh yes!>. Great thing we meet... thru bLOG!.. aheheh :)

    3. Woah woah woah!!! Hold your horses, dear. Which way are you heading to? Whoops! Just kidding! :P

      Oh, does he really? I feign innocence.

      Surely! I would love that as well. How can I pass a chance to meet an energetic young lady? See you then. ^u^

    4. oh yes he surely does!!. heheh.
      flattered??!.. maybe we can talk on this matter in my blog.. NOT HERE!!. :)

    5. Nothing to worry about Sui.

      It's a good thing that you liked my quote...I'll be making lots of them from now on.

      Anyway, I've read that you're going to talk with the brat. In any case, just don't believe the things she'll be saying about me. hahahhahah

    6. hey whats wrong with ya?!..

      why?! is there anything you try to hide?. OR,, are u scared that i might slip off my tongue and reveal something bla bla bla.......??

      Don't worry key!. Im not like just making friends with her, thats all! . hehehehe ....Ryt Sui???!

    7. Yeah right...Just don't confuse Sui.

    8. ..of course..........I will!!.. waaaaaaa (evl luf xD)

      seriouslt, i won't uie! I would only say the truth and nothing but the truth for only truth sets you two free..
      LoL :)

    9. was!! 'WAS' ken!..
      im already a grown-up yet, of course, younger than u are.. hehehe :)

      hey?! getting pissed-off???... ow c'mon!
      Be happy! Be thankful! Be urself! ;-) oK key?!...

  4. I am the older one here so both of you behave! (◣◢)


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