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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bittersweet Farewell

Every journey has to end. Yesterday, it's official, I'm off the hook. I bid farewell to the publication that has been part of my life for three long years, to the staff whom I shared laughs and sorrows, and to the office I made my second home. It was a mixture of bitterness to be living and sweetness to have surpass all the challenges. It has been a long and winding trip but it has come to an end. 

Nevertheless, let me reminisce the moments I have spent with my best friends for the last time. Saying goodbye it not easy and so is preparing for a party. It's already five in the afternoon but the food has not been prepared yet. We get to cook our own food in order to save money as well as it serves as a bonding time for us. But kids rather play than work. So we finished cooking very late.

Since I was a kid, I'm inclined to sways
It time to go to our venue. Our venue is quite far from the city. Some out-of-town beach resort that I just get acquainted with a day before our party. I am really excited to go there since it was such a nice place, nice rooms, large swimming pool, and overlooking sea. It was a serene place to have fun and spend quality time with everyone. Unfortunately, there were too many of us so there was no space for me inside the jeep so I'd rather stay on the roof top. Now with everything all set. We are ready to party. 
At the roof top of the jeep
So we arrive at the venue with the sun an hour down. We got busy roaming around the place, it's just normal to appreciate a new view. The place was cozier during the night. There were tons of picturesque spots that I've visited while the others were preparing for the food. While roaming around, I found a remote place with only one thing in it: a light post. Somehow, I considered myself as a light post, shining in the midst of darkness. 
hahaha...I just liked the light post and it's location
After the eating session, it's time for the Farewell party. I was excited and anxious of what will happen. Three years ago, I was just a writer and now, I'm already a full-fledged graduate of The NORSUnian. Every experience was worth remembering, all the fights and quarrels were overwhelming. So, as part of the tradition, the graduates will wear a distinct attire from the staff. This year, it has been decided to wear Red-dominated attire. And this is how I'd looked like in it. 
I'm a Chinese!!!
So, as a favor I and Rina have made a video for them. We shared our thoughts on things. We answered questions that is related to the publication and some random funny questions. 

So, it is now time for the staff to give there farewell messages to the graduates. I was really looking forward to it. I even made a deal with them that I would give a hundred pesos to those who can make me cry. Unfortunately, no was successful, I just have a heart of stone and some of their messages were just so funny. Here are some excerpts from their messages that they have written on a piece of paper:

Together with other graduates while listening to the staffs say their farewell messages
From Mayette:
“When I first saw you, my first impression was you’re not approachable because you’re like a snobbish person but when I’ve known you more, I told myself that all those negative feedbacks [that they were telling against you] were not true because you are a nice person.”

From Rolyn:
“First and last impressions. Honestly, you weren’t appealing to me the first time we met. I can’t even seem to remember if you were with the group during our interview more or less two years ago. But indeed, God has a wonderful plan for you. You have been into numerous ups and downs during your stay in TN which I know of some. Admiringly, you have surpassed them all, and even became the EIC on your last year in TN.”

From Paul:
“Ako ay humihingi nang kapatawaran kung ika’y aking nabigo.” (I’m asking your forgiveness for I have disappointed you.)

From Jessie:
“Your stay in the office has been fruitful. You have led the publication in all pious ways as well as you have man the staffs in a good way. You’ve befriended several staffs and more notably, you’ve had faltered bad university officials through your ample knowledge in journalism. That is very commendable. So allow me to congratulate you on this matter.”

From Lycel:
"Thank you for everything. Keep your confidence wherever you go because that's what makes you persistent and successful in every endeavor. Good luck in the real world. God Bless!”

From Myrna:
“I can’t imagine how lively and noisy TN office will be without you. Bisag imung jokes waley, I can’t help but laugh out loud. Nganu dagway? I will really miss you.” (I can’t imagine how lively and noisy TN office will be without you. Though your jokes are not funny, I cannot help but laugh. I just don’t know why. I will really miss you.)

From Albert:
“Una sa lahat nagpasalamat ko sa tanan nga imong gibuhat para kanamo and I hope nga magpadayun pa ka sa imung gipangbuhat (kato rang maayo b_t_h). When I joined TN, wala jud ko ga.expect nga ing-ana diay ka ka funny and industrious when it comes to your work. (I know you’re laughing right now but that’s what the aim of this letter—to make you laugh and cry).”  (First of all, I want to thank you for all the things you’ve done for us and I hope that it will continue (those that are good only, b_t_h). When I joined TN, I was not expecting that you were so funny, and industrious when it comes to your work (I know that you’re laughing right now but that’s what aim of this letter—to make you laugh and cry).)

From Janet:
“Ang cute mo, okay lang ba kahit hindi gwapo?” (You are so cute, is it okay if not handsome?)

From Enjenette:
“I will miss the Kenneth or the Key who looks like an angry Kuya but then, hindi naman pala. First impression ko, ikaw yung tao na hindi pinapansin yung mga low-life na mga tao. Ikaw ung taong sobrang may tiwala sa sarili…may tiwala sa sariling kakayahan.” (I will miss the Kenneth or the Key who looks like an angry big brother but then, he’s actually not. My first impression of you is that you’re the type that does not show any interest on unpopular people. You have such high confidence…confidence to do your job.)

From Angelo:
“To Key, I hope that you would become a better person as you go out of the university. Kenneth, be like a “key.” Keep unlocking the hearts of the people that surround you. Make them happy with your tough jokes and countless laughs.”

From Kendrex:
“Salamat sa padpasulod sa TN.” (Thank you for letting me join TN.)

From Arvin:
“We thank you for being a good friend to all of us. You’re such a good blessing for being here in TN. Without Kenneth, the publication cannot stand alone. I can see your efforts to make the publication work.”

From Joeylyn:
“Congratulations Kuya. Thank you kaau sa treasure of friendship, sa bondings, mga compliments and lessons. I learned a lot from you Kuya, not only during workshops and meetings as well as the moments during the Spectrum seminar.”

From Leonil:
“Brad! Ang masulti ra nako nimu kay himuon ra namu and tanan para mapachada pa jud ang atong paper. Good luck sa imung trabaho. Congrats.” (Brad! The only thing I can say to you is that we will make the paper better. Good luck for your future job. Congrats.)

From Rio:
“I miss every lay-outing practice although there is no proper sleep, you know why, because my stomach will be filling because there are snacks.”

From Jela:
“There are millions of things I want to say yet I don’t know where to start. Let me congratulate you first with your achievement. You’ve been through a lot of struggles, disappointments, humiliations and frustrations during your entire college life. But look at you now, you’re more of a champion.”

From Ranulfo:
“First of all, we congratulate you for being a good leader to us. The publication, in one way has improved a lot with your leadership. To compare your editorship to that past editors, it is extremely fantastic. You have remained humble despite some allegations being thrown back at you. With your bravery and holistic desire, The NORSUnian vouched for the betterment.”

From Shemae:
“In my almost a year in the publication, I never met an editor that acts like you do. Most of the time, editors are expected to be serious and strict, scary and terror, but you are unique. You are serious? Yes, sometimes. Strict? Uhmmm, yah, most often. Scary? I don’t think so. Terror? NO! Cute faces aren’t terror. See how unique you are Kuya Ken? Haha. We are very lucky to have you and very happy of course! We will surely miss you.”

From Cheeno:
“bengel, bengel,bengel…yi ga gil jal aga…gee, gee, gee baby baby baby…Mao ni ang nipatok sa TN na mga foreign songs, infairness, maganahan pud tah ug paminaw, daun mahimo pud ning dance craze sa TN tungod kai adik sa Kpop.” (“bengel, bengel,bengel…yi ga gil jal aga…gee, gee, gee baby baby baby..These are the foreign songs that became hits in TN, infairness, we also like to listen to it, and it even became a dance craze because you are so addicted to Kpop.)

From Junrel:
“After spending 4 long years of sacrifices, perseverance and hard work in TN, you are now reaping the fruits of your effortful inputs to complete this journey. Thank you. Good luck. God Bless.”

I was in awe to hear them praise me one after the other. I was really happy that they have appreciated my efforts. I am also thankful to you all. Certainly, goodbye is not the end. Remember my friends, we leave in a sphere, we may depart from each other now but someday and somewhere, we'll meet again! 

After the tiring night, we slept for a while, had a picnic beside the beach and had our swimming sessions!!!

Signalling for the pool

FIRST DIVE EVER...that was a painful

Feeling tired

Digging the floor

camera whores


  1. Wowie! Picnics, night-outs, fun in the pool, juniors singing praises of you, what more could you ask for? Really Noblesse, this is a farewell to remember.

    1. Yes, I will surely reminisce this moment in my life.

  2. It seems like you have had lots of fun .
    Yes you will always remember those days and especially this farewell. But I want to wish you lots of good luck for your bright future.

    P/s : I like your red attire.

    1. Thanks izdiher...I'm happy that you liked it...I got it from a surplus store...hahah

  3. i remember my days in our college publication.. :) iba talaga ang environment kasi your surrounded with creative people.. congratulations sa graduation.. :)

    1. Thanks we both have college publication experience...what college are you from by the way?

  4. did Albert really include these words to his letter:
    'kato rang maayo b_t_h' ????..

    hahaha. Nice one b_t_ch!! im used to this ,actually. cuz everytime mu text xia naa jud na daun, pangbungad pansin!..

    let me talk in vernacular: ->makatawa ko aneng bitch albert kay ryt after niask ko nimo bout atong gender-gender thingy, ana xia nako, "pangutan-a nia pud ko ug ingun ato kay bantay jud ka nako!"
    ..... hahaha!. Hadlok??? ≧◡≦ .. klaru nah!

  5. Yes, he did...hahaha...sagdai ra gud...ayaw na gud ka.bother sa life sa uban...pangita nag-uyab ui...hahahha...

    Just admit to that person that you like him...Tapos!!!

    1. actually ken I just found the one! ;P.. pewo I can never promise nga mahilom ko kung naa na koi uyab. heler! Im a Mass Comm student key!. I do alot of interrogations in order to get fucks,.... i mean facts!
      Capiche?! :-)


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