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Friday, April 20, 2012

Just a clarification

A blogger friend of mine had mentioned that the facade of my blog somehow belongs to a "spunky college fresher" and who would have thought that I was a journalist. I could not blame her, I exactly feel the same way. *LOL*

When you think of news reporters, what comes to your mind? Well, as often as it may seems, I have bad news for you, some of the stereotypes that you are thinking is not true. Or at least that is the case with me. 

Here are some of those stereotypes:

Stereotype: We reporters are serious.
Reality: Hell No! We laugh a lot. I even saw my seniors laugh out loud while a press conference was ongoing. 

Stereotype: The Boss can readily shout at a reporter "You're fired!"
Reality: I have not encountered a scene like that.

Stereotype: Reporters wear fedora hats, like in the movie The Front Page.
Reality: I have a fedora, but I only wear them during costume parties. The only hat I have is the authentic Adidas hat that I don't wear because I might loose it. 

Stereotype: They have a coffee cup constantly in hand.
Reality: I only drink coffee when I'm cold.

Stereotype: The reporter's place is messy.
Reality: It is often conceived that a reporter's place is untidy, there was even a documentary that went on TV about it. But with all conviction, my room is clutter free. Well, it is just a wide open space. 

Stereotype: The reporters of different stations are rivals. 
Reality: Absolutely not! They are all friends. True friends, they actually help each other. Read my previous post if you're not satisfied with these words. 

Stereotype: The reporters go undercover just to break a big news.  
Reality: Well, most of us don't do that, we have assets to do that for us. We just give them hidden cameras.

Stereotype: The reporters always wear a chaleco. 
Reality: It is actually not necessary to wear one. It is just when you have so many gadgets and you want to brag it off to other reporters, you put them all in your chaleco's pockets. 

Stereotype: The reporters use an old typewriter with which all rules about ergonomics are violated.
Reality: Tsk... I have this 18" flat screen computer. 

Stereotype: Reporters and editors shout “rewrite!” when they get a big story.
Reality: No, they just use the mouse to send the article back with red comments at the top like "Is this an article?" 

Sorry to break the stereotypes. It helps me to remain cynical.

Anyway, here are my articles published today. 


  1. Hi Noblesse Key,:) Thumbs up!:) You're such a smart one!:) Good morning..:)

    1. That's Sagittarian...I think I'm Geminarian! ahahahahah

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, that's true...but It's a matter of dealing with them.

  3. thanks for adding my blog to your list...add you also at stage 2..

  4. Are those really stereotypes??? I had no idea actually. Never heard such presumptions. The only stereotype I know of is that they are supposed to give an account of accurate news. That's it! Peace!

    This blogger friend of yours made such a remark jokingly. There was no intention to make a pre-conceived inaccurate notion about any work field and persons of the related disposition.

    Disclaimer: This comment is not meant to hurt sentiments of any person, company, matter or anything in existence.

    Peace be upon Sui!

    1. Yes they are Sui.

      Don't mind it. I was about o make this post even without our previous conversation. I am not hurt as well, not even a dot.

      Let there be peace!

    2. Relieved to know that, Mr. Noblesse Green Key! :D

  5. So now you have added green color to your blog.

    In some cultures, green equals prosperity. May you prosper in every field of life.

    1. I've always liked green...I just made an experiment on my blog...GOod thing you have not seen it while it was under was a total mess!

    2. Green is a very calming color. Good choice!

      I should have come sooner to witness your under construction messy blog. Such a pity I missed it. XD

    3. Yes, green is certainly fresh looking.

      I thank fate for not letting you do so. ahahahahahahah

  6. Love the stereotypes Key. added another feature on your blog? haha

  7. You love the stereotypes, what a weird comment..
    Yeah, I guess so...ahhehehehehh

  8. Nice article! Thank you for breaking the misconceptions about reporters! Astig mo naman! Writer of Sun Star!

    Your picture is so cool! Siyanga pala, pwede paturo kung paano gumawa ng GIF image sa blog? hehehe... ヅ

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    Thanks! ヅ

    1. No probs...I'm just a newbie writer..ahehhehe

      You just visit for your own gif. It is just very easy.

      Okay, I'll do that!...

    2. Thanks for the tips Ken! ヅ

      Yeah! Go ahead and click the REWARDS button on the left side of our blog! ヅ

    3. Yes, I have, just a while ago.


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