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Monday, April 16, 2012

Boys run the world!

I have been running back and fro in the last few days. And now, with everything going smooth and well. I declare a rest day. 

The best rest day would be a day hanging with your ex-classmates, now co-employees. The catch is that only three out of 14 Mass Comm graduates are male. All of them are soon to be copy editors, they are namely Kervey, Rolfdon, and me, Key. 

Some of the girls have found their own path and some are still searching for the right door for them. But for us three lads, we are stuck like glue. We are not close friends but we are not enemies as well. Competition has caught us once but we found our strengths and honed it. 

Mass communication is divided into different areas and those areas are separately chosen, without any conversations at all, by the three of us.

Let me start with our batch's best actor of all time, Kervey. He was once very quiet and afar. He does not join talks. But, slowly he has opened up and became part of the noisiest students in the university, US. We first found his potential when we joined the inter-college comical skit competition. He was our lead actor. He portrayed as an egg vendor. Literal eggs, okay!

We were all shocked with his performance in our practices. He was beyond our expectations. We never thought that it was him acting in front of us, he was like transformed into another persona. We even thought that he had multiple personalities. And so the winner of the comical skit competition was US. I was the musical director. 

Next, we had our college acquaintance party. There was an inter-course talent competition. So we had made a part II of our comical skit. The University President was cachinnating while watching our performance. So again, we won first prize.

But the biggest challenge he had was the First Short Film Festival in the university which was participated by 14 contestants from the different colleges and campuses of the university. As Mass comm students, we were chosen by the dean to represent our college with me as the story writer. 

So with his excellent portrayal as a bad boy, whore, and beggar. We actually won Best Picture. Even though he did not win Best actor, we knew that without him, we would not win. Kudos to Kervey or Bots.

Next would be our Master Videographer and Video Editor, Rolfdon. Artistry in shots and refined video editing, he is the best in that field. He is proficient in Adobe Premiere. He is indeed very meticulous when it comes to editing videos. I sometimes envy his eye for right angle when we shoot music videos, short films or documentaries. 

He never settles for less. He always shouts at us when he disagrees. The loudest voice in the class. But what makes him special is his collection of perverted videos. He shared that he gets ideas from them that's why he comes up with good camera angles and techniques. What a weird guy. He even gives some demonstrations when we shoot bed scenes. He is one perverted guy.

He is also a member of the university choir. So expect a great singing prowess from him.

And lastly, Key is the best in writing and editing articles, and registers good in camera as what our teacher in broadcasting said. I won't go further to make emphasis on the latter two. So we, three, are the best in any area. We just feel sorry for our girl classmates. ahahahahahahh 

I almost forgot that this is about the rest day. So after visiting the company we are about to get employed. We went to our teacher's boarding house, Sir Dx who is a ex-TV reporter, ex-radio announcer, currently newspaper correspondent which happens to be the competition of the newspaper I'm also working.

He is our ever supportive teacher though he already transferred to another university. So he treated us with pizza and lend us his laptops. He has lots of them I'm actually using one while making this post. We ate and talk and ate and talk until we got tired and gone home.

Sorry Beyonce, but BOYS RUN THE WORLD!

PS. Just forgive the typo errors in the video. And this post has nothing against girls. I'm just putting humor to it. heheh..Thanks


  1. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the title of this post was Beyonce's song and you mentioned it at the end. Boys have to remember and appreciate their origins. I really don't want to start with this ridiculous and perpetual age old debate over who's better. We have to live in the same world, be it peacefully or rioting.

    While I encourage and appreciate all art forms, I would definitely not commend perverse thinking. Geez, we might be living in 21st century but the primitive thinking of early men still prevails. Blame it on being human. *yuck*

    The world's condition isn't very good. Who's to blame? Those who are running it, right??? (¬‿¬)

    Sorry for showing my displeasure outrightly. No offense to you or your talented bunch of friends but I cannot go along praising someone when on the way they chose to demean someone else no matter what the cause of stratification might be.

    I hope you understand what I mean. Don't go on with the excuse of me being opinionated.

    1. ahahhahah...I don't know how to react on this...ok wait...

      I do understand you Sui but I just want to clarify that I was making this post with a light head. There was really nothing serious about it.

      I and all of my classmates have a habit of trying to be higher than the other but we don't take it negatively. It is just that we already knew each other well that we can easily determine when one of our classmates is joking or not. We "kill" each other often that lead us to laughter.

      Anyway, for any offense that I may have made on the female section, I would like to say SORRY.

      ahahhahah...I'm just simply amazed with this comment. ahahahhahaha

    2. Never mind Noblesse! It's fine already.
      I am highly competent and most definitely very unlike the typical girls. So sometimes it gets to me that females are considered this and that. You get the idea, right? It's tiring sometimes for a person like me who just can't accept the way things have been for centuries. Being capable and 'different' has its own demerits.

      No issue with you Noblesse, it's totally my problem. You were simply unfortunate to witness that thinking of mine which remains well hidden otherwise.

      I don't know why but I seem to be quite frank and open while communicating with you. I forget self restrain. I'll keep that in mind next time on. Sorry for causing unnecessary commotion. <:-(

      Hope that I am still welcome to leave comments. And as I have told you before, if ever you feel that you can't stand my words anymore feel free to point it out. I can be more accepting in certain matters.

      Cheers and don't worry! Enjoy your time! (^‿^)

    3. YEHEY!!!!

      I am glad that we have patched things up. I am happy to know that you express yourself with no holds barred here. I am at utmost privileged. :)

      And guess where these comments are going...ahahhahahaha

  2. tsk! tsk! enget xiang S**( u know who am i referring to).

    now i know why Rolfdon have that kind of trait .. he got that all from u!. hehehe pEACE DUDE! ;-)
    . oh well!hope i could visit DX's place too. ahehehe

    1. Translate this for me Noblesse:
      "enget xiang"
      And who is S**?

    2. That refers to me...ahahahahaha

    3. I mean...

      You are dead meat refers to me...

      The S** is you.


    4. "tsk! tsk! enget xiang S**( u know who am i referring to)"
      "tsk! tsk! you are dead meat [to Noblesse] SUI( u know who am i referring to)"


      Dear Jela, don't be afraid to criticize using English words. I am very understanding. :D

    5. No, it means that...

      I must watch out for you because I got you mad or something...She was teasing me...ahahahah...

      I like the language barrier...It's so cute.

    6. @Sui generis Writer u really are so bothered on what i wrote!. dont be!..
      if u think the 's***' thingy is u, well u thought wrong!
      :-D will u please STOP worrying about that. Gosh!


    7. Language barrier as cute!!! You are turning very positive Noblesse. Very good! ≧^◡^≦

      I was already burdened with understanding Japanese, Korean, Chinese (to read manga raws) and now I'll have to consider Filipino as well. ό_ὸ
      I am dead meat!!! :P

      It's quite daunting to think that you guys would be talking about something related, right in front of my eyes, and I wouldn't understand a thing. *_*

    8. well its not our problem anymore!!

      Sui learn their dialect. hahaha

    9. @Sui: WoW, I'm good at Korean (actually not so)...I got some tutorials on Youtube. My dream job is to be the Ambassador of the Philippines to Korea.

      @Anonymous aka J***. Watch out!

    10. @ Jela Mae Ruales
      No sweetie! I am not bothered at all. Just having fun! You buds have the chance to meet in person and have a gala time together whereas I can only communicate with you all through blogs. I was trying to spice up our friendship. ;D
      No worries dear!

      Also, I wanted to grab this chance to strike a conversation with you since you hardly ever comment on my blog. By nature, I am a very dedicated person. :)

  3. hahahahahahahaha.......ang PANGIT....

    1. ... BITCH jud neng gapost aneh!.. ehem

  4. hay naku kenneth!. SHOW-OFF!.. :D

  5. nice post! ang kulet ng title! ヅ

    by the way, please stop by our blog soon. we'd love to follow each other and exchange links.

    Regards! ヅ

  6. Hi Key! Salamat sa pagbisita sa amin. We just returned the favor and added you on your blog roll. ヅ

    Please add us on your blog list as well:

    Title- Fashion+Motorcycles

    Maraming salamat! ヅ


    Congratulations to all your batchmates that they have found their rightful jobs. And to you Key for being so genius...

    hahahaha... sana si Jela rin dahil she's so mean to Sui. sana Sui will unfollow Jela.. hahaha. joke lang


    1. alberrrttttt!!!! ahahahhahahaha... You are so freaking naughty naughty...

      Sui, forgive the KIDS for we have sinned.

    2. her comment became viral on twitter!/albertumbac.. kindly check it out. worldwide and national

    3. bert!,, u want me to crash ur bones???

      ..hmpf!.. @Sui generis Writer and I are cool now!

      ryt sui??

    4. @ ALbert: Ahahaha...really? Imma check it out!
      @Jela: No, ur not!

    5. @ Jela
      Sure we are! I'll protect my sweet Jela from these guys. Here comes my weapon of justice:

    6. Wah! Wait! Whose comment? I am not on twitter and I can't read this tweet!!! How do I read this?
      Albert, you are good boy. Tell me what's it all about.

    7. Oh gosh! I said so to get him to tell me what's all this about. Oops! Now he wouldn't tell me.

      Oh come on you guys, don't keep me in dark. ╯﹏╰

    8. hello Sui, it was just a joke...the one on twitter. hahaha. peace..

      actually, (I'll translate it)"enget xiang" means

      Noblesse key is jealous on you. that's it. believe me. by the way, jela and key did not mean what they say...

      please forgive them...

    9. No, Albert, I've already explained it and then you're giving her another meaning...

      What is wrong with you?

    10. aawww sorry i translated it into another language...

    11. You bunch of kids are super evil. Making me run around in circles. None of you are reliable!!! Boohoo

    12. Sui, I'm telling the truth. You can ask Orange Pulps...She's a pastor's daughter.. She would not lie.GGRRRRR ALBerrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttt. :(

    13. Ahahahahaha

      Aww...don't worry Noblesse. *Pat* *Pat*
      I don't doubt you. Just enjoying my time here. hehehe


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