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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE

There are simple things that are so hard to do. Even with the great amount of confidence I have, I have never confessed a liking to someone. Yes, a coward, that's me. I am always preoccupied by things that might give me a heartbreak. I always think that I'm not good looking enough or a matter of social standing. 

Recently, I am intoxicated of the pressure of getting a job. I was wandering the city streets when I saw a familiar face. A face I have forgotten for a long time. But for just a second, it all flashed back in my mind.  I recognized her in an instant but I think she no longer know who I was and what she did for me when we were still kids. My kindergarten crush, Abigail.

My first love story

I was five when I went to kindergarten. I was not a cry baby, actually, I was excited to go school. Maybe because all my things are new. It was just an ordinary day, it was recess time. I opened my bag, to my surprise, there was no box. I have nothing for snack, my mom does not give me money that time because I don't know how to use it. 

When I saw my classmates cheerfully eating, I felt a sudden pain, not hunger but envy. I did not intend to do so but my tears were falling one after another. Thinking of it now, I could not help but think how cute and sensitive I was. I want to call my mom. 

I hid under the table. I could not afford to let anyone see that I was crying. Then, I heard a cute voice. It was coming from my classmate Abigail. She asked me why am I crying. I answered that I was not, so typical of me even I was just little. 

I don't know if she was just a keen observer but she handed out a biscuit. I was startled and ran away...with the biscuit of course. I did not even give my thanks. I did not eat the biscuit. I brought it at home. 

The next morning, I was so eager to say "thank you." I approached her carrying a cupcake, something to give her in return of the biscuit. When I was supposed to say it, then, I saw her giving a biscuit to my classmate Jason. I was shocked and never uttered a word. I ran away. I felt a sudden urge of anger towards myself. Jealousy! Oh crap, I am so cute. hahahaha...

The End.  

Back to present, I could not help but think how fragile and cute she was back then. But now, she has quite gained some weight and has a little boy who does not look like her. I think we're just of the same age but she's a parent now. And I'm still single...since birth.

As our path slowly taking close to each other, I gave her a smile. She responded with a smile as well. Maybe I was wrong, maybe she still recognizes me...the boy who run away without saying thank you. 

As we crossed paths and I asked myself. What could have happen if I was just brave back then? Could my life have been different? But let bygones be bygones, I need to face the present, the reality. I'm single and ready to mingle. I need to find my damsel in distress. 


  1. Pfft...Innocent puppy love!

    Good luck with your search for a damsel in distress, Prince Noblesse! ;)

    By the way, love has nothing to do with looks or social standing. If it is then, it would simply be an arrangement and not something affectionate.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement..

      Tsk, so you're also a love expert eh...hahahah...

    2. I am an all-rounder. ☜☆☞
      Such a hero I have been, saving so many days. :D

  2. awww....that's so sweet, Noblesse :)

    it also reminds me of my first love story when i was in kindergarten. but unluckily, i never saw my first crush anymore. haha.

    i'm also still searching for the right guy for me to start my own family. i'm too old to be single now. haha :P

    1. it is a good thing that you can relate to this post though you're a girl...

      I hope you find your Prince or whatever you want to call him ASAP!

  3. I also have my kindergarten love story..I still remember..
    and now..I'll be teaching the preschoolers this june, I guess they'll have theirs also..such a cute beings..

    Good luck in finding your lady! :)

    ►SHINEE - Sherlock

    1. i think everyone has their own story to, I also want to squeeze some chicks...

      Yeah, my bias Kpop band.


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