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Monday, April 23, 2012

Conquering fears

*Drum rolls* Here goes my poem I have composed despite having friends with extremely talented pens in writing poetry. But now, it is time to conquer my fears and step up my game. I don't know what style it is or anything, I just hope you enjoy it. Okay.*Heart pounds*

                                            Of Flowers and Diamonds

                                    I gave you flowers
                                   Caressed with morning dew
                                   With petals red as blood
                                                   I offered you love
                                                  Kissed your lips
                                                  Made our love flood
                                    The memoir of the rose
                                    And the love I offered to you
                                    Filled the depths of my psyche    
                                                  For the dew became a river of tears
                                                  And love turn to despair
                                                 When you found someone else
                                   The rose I gave you
                                   Has long withered and died
                                   The beauty has shivered
                                                  Time heals, I have found someone new
                                                  I offer no flowers but jewels
                                                  Because diamonds last forever.

So, what do you think? Shall I go on with poetry or it was a complete mess? Feel free to leave comments, I will appreciate the most honest comment. Thanks!



  1. I am pinching myself trying to figure out if this is some fantasy or what.

    Gosh!!! This is no dream. This is Noblesse's blog and he did what he should have long ago.

    I think that this form of poetry is called free verse Noblesse.

    This is a striking piece nothing like a beginner’s. The flow of words is very natural and I could picture your emotions well.
    I am very impressed. You are a blooming poet ready to shine under the vast premise of poetry. Well done! Keep it up!

    You don’t need to ask. Write more and more and more.

    Poetry can help you in more number of ways than you can imagine. Dab your expressions onto a sheet of paper and come up with more pieces like this.

    I am very happy with this latest development on your blog.

    BTW, like the new look of your blog. Very intriguing!

  2. I am very pleased that you liked it. Coming those words from the ALMIGHTY Sui is very overwhelming. I could not express more how thankful I am to hear those encouraging words from you. Thank you!!!

    I'll certainly take your advices.

    I just added it from the backgrounds offered by blogger. ahahehehehe

  3. Hi I just awarded you with "The Versatile Blogger" award

    See my post here

    1. Thanks Jay. I'll treasure that award!

  4. Hi Noblesse key,
    thanks for sharing this poem :)

    1. Thanks Dana, I'll try to make a better one next time.

  5. ::: Virtual clapping and cheering :::

    Yes, yes, and yes, you should keep writing poetry! I LOVED this poem! It reminds me of some of the writings I compose that I don't share on my poetry blog (Yeah, I have secret works in the works :). The line, "Petals red as blood" really appealed to me . . . very descriptive and deep.

    BTW, how's your new job going? Are the Seniors still treating you with kindness? :)

  6. Thank You Mara, you really made my day. :)

    hooray to the petals!!!

    Yes, they are still very kind and approachable. I'm doing great in my job and I just hope I can maintain it.

    Thanks again!

  7. hahahah.. suhid xiang S**! trying hard key!

    Nice try ;-)

    _maghimu na pud ko ug issue!. tel me if ne'ek na pud nang ako gi'asterisk dinha!. hahahahah

    1. I have no response.

      Simsimi lang! ahahahahahaah

  8. Aww this is such a sad poem about love! Is there a true story which inspired you to write this post? Hehe

    All I can say is do whatever it is that you want to do. If writing poetry makes you happy, then go for it! :-)

    1. There is no sad story behind those words. But I sometimes felt things I have not experienced, weird...

      Yeah, thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

  9. This is wonderful Key for a first attempt :) I'm glad that you're exploring your inner talents. I like the theme ~ I guess you wrote more from your heart that's why it was so fluid :)

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. yey! I'm glad that you were not disappointed! ahahahahaha!

      I write from the heart? I like that!

  10. nice! i like it nong Ken.

    -love the words used.


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