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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Journalist by Profession

Yesterday morning, I woke up early and prepared to cover the biggest news of the day for my first article. Yes, the event was no ordinary event. It involves more than hundreds of millions. Talking about pressure, well I was not, but I was quite nervous. Why? Every time an event starts, the members of the media will be introduced. And for a fresh graduate to bring the name of a HUGE daily newspaper is overwhelming. Older people,  even mayors, saying "Sir" out of respect of my authority is just breathtakingly unbelievable.

It was not my first time to cover a big event thanks to my experience in my OJT with the newspaper which is just the competition of the newspaper that I'm working now. How ironic life can be. Anyway, I have learned to accept the realities of life.

So there were more than 200 pairs of eyes lurking at you when you are raising your questions. Not just ordinary persons but congressmen, mayors, barangay captains, and other government officials. But I made it through, I survived the challenge. So here it is, the full story of my first article.

I got the clips from the website of our newspaper. Next time, I'll provide pictures while I'm covering news. hehehehe


  1. Wow! That's so exciting. Journalism is a very enthralling career choice. I really look forward to know more of how this industry thrives.
    Here comes the sensational newbie journalist. Watch out world!!! ≧^◡^≦

    1. Yes, it is. Thanks, the world be better prepare because Noblesse Key's here...ehehehhe...

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    1. My adsense was not approved...tsk...not meant for me...

  3. puwede ba tayo mag exchange link....add mo ang blog ko sa blog list mo...add din kita..thanks...tell me if you add me already..

  4. wow..congratulations. I really love your job.. but it's not meant for me.

  5. That is very COOL!!! :D
    Im waiting for that photo of you while covering news..
    I'd like to take a glimpse of a life of a Journalist..

    Daebak! Fighting!

    1. Thanks...Yeah, I'm excited as well to share photos while I'm on the field...

      Shawol Fighting!


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