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Monday, April 30, 2012

Love Birds

How can love be so unkind? Why cannot we choose the one to love? Why cannot we teach our hearts to beat for a person? Why does one hurt for you to become happy?

I have been in great dilemma whether to continue posting my love fairytales here in Blogger and in other social networking sites for the reason that it can be read by everybody. Everybody including those who care for you but unfortunately you cannot reciprocate the feelings.

I just realized how painful it is to know that someone you have cared for has a liking for another person. Yes, I have felt the same way before but it was not as deep as I think what she felt.

I received a text message from my classmate that she is happy for me but she is sad for our another classmate who has a deep feeling for me.

Then, I fathomed that for me not to hurt someone, I should end posting my love stories. Or should she for herself stop reading my posts.

God, this is really hard for me. I really want to share the bits and pieces of my life to everyone but the fear that I’ll be hurting someone is just big hurdle I need to jump through.

I guess if she’ll read this she will be hurt again. Now, another question pops out: should I post this? 

Since you’re reading this, it means that I have decided to post it.

This will be my last post about love and the like…for now. I have decided to help her find her new inspiration. I guess that’s the right thing for me to do, isn’t it?

How can a brain as intelligent as mine be so puzzled with this? F*ck!

PS If you are reading this, I hope you understand that all I can offer is friendship. I cannot say to you personally because I’m a coward. I really value our friendship. Let’s be best of friends forever.


  1. Hi (I think I missed out your name) but I saw Key somewhere in your other posts.

    I have to go browse for your other posts to understand what this was about.

    I think blogs are open diaries, although I found out that the author could also manage who gets to see his/her posts.

    Well, I guess it's okay to write about personal things but beware of consequences... or write of 'safer' general things but feel dissatisfied that you haven't said all.

    You have to learn to discern which things could be useful both to you and your readers.

    Well, I guess, you know better what to do and for that I say good luck...

    Thanks for sharing yourself on my page :)

    As for your first is never unkind, it is pure and beautiful.

  2. HI Melissa, you got it right, Its me KEY!

    Yeah, i can manage my readers but I don't want it to be limited. *sigh*

    "you haven't said at all" this is really true, what's the purpose of writing when you're holding back and cannot fully express yourself.

    Ahhahaha...another Ms. Positive...that's good that you have a beautiful perspective of love. Keep that!!!

    Thanks for visiting! I can see a good friendship ahead of us.


    I am sorry but I couldn't help laughing. Do you actually think that you can go on being nice and all, keeping everyone happy while taking your own decisions? ABSOLUTELY NO!

    There will always be people who'll be hurt by your choices but it's YOUR life. Also, I think that you somewhat tend to be selfish. Instead of clearing matters, you make it more complex by not letting things go. Say NO before it gets to the point of hurting.

    Ask yourself, are you capable of facing someone's displeasure by refusing their affections? It's better to come out clean rather than clinging to being the nice guy 'cause that's NOT nice at all.

    Love has various aspects. But at the end of the day it's just another emotion. One grows up being in love even if it's unrequited. If the person can't handle it then they have to learn to be strong.

    Even I become wary of posting my utmost frank comments here because I am sure that they are not sweet at all but I felt that perhaps my genuine words could help you in some way. Friends care for each others' well-being, right?

    Your decision! I won't complain!
    Be happy! Be bold in what you stand for!
    Later then! (─‿‿─)

    1. I wish I could do that Sui. how can I say "NO" will that look like.

      Am I really not being nice? But I got to do it my way. Being nice is not nice. Ahahhahah..LOL

      Uhm, she's really sad not getting hired and all so if this will add up, I don't know what will happen. We've been classmates you know.

      Yeah, I appreciate all your "frank" comments and I am hoping more of them. ahahhaha

      Later Ms. Sunshine. Thanks for the words that cut like a knife.

    2. Wahhh! Sorry Noblesse! ╯.╰
      Did you cut yourself with the 'knife'. Poor you! I'll be cautious from next time on.

      Hope that there's still reason for you to smile even after a bit of stress.

      Fight on! (∪ ◡ ∪)

    3. of course, you're one of the reasons that makes me smile :)

      Just stay the way you are, that's the Sui i know..


  4. Oh!.

    Tell me who's that girl
    Just WAK WAK(WAK) in the club ( repeat)

    hahahha.. Class mate ryt? Isn't that the one whom u've mentioned nga naa kunoy crush nimo? Does her name starts with letter G?... hmmm.. ⊙.◎)

    1. ahhahahaah...Jel, can you stop giving clues!!! hahahahaah...

      Yeah, Kid, I'm so famous!!!

    2. Starts with letter G??? does it end with letter E???

      OM!! did I spoil anything..

  5. Life hurts sometimes, plain and simple. As I get older, I am slowly realizing that you can't please everybody, and sometimes, people get "hurt along the way," even when you're not trying.

    In regards to blog posts, post the things you feel comfortable with, and the rest, let them sit on the "back burner" until you're ready to post them, or just keep them private. I've also learned that some things are best left un-said in the Blogsphere.

    1. Thanks for really enlightened my mind today...I'm so lucky to have you as my friend. :)


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