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Saturday, April 7, 2012

More FAN in the Philippines

The Department of Tourism has a new slogan to attract more tourists in the country.  They have been quite successful in their advocacy since there was a remarkable increase in the tourist influx in the country. Their slogan goes this way “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.  But with global warming around, I have my own slogan for that: “It’s more FAN in the Philippines.”

Summer is indeed here. It is getting hotter every day. We, Filipinos, are somehow extremely trying hard to become white in complexion. Certainly, the sun is our greatest adversary. But it is better than rainy days. I hate rain.

Even a full blast of Aircon will not suffice the need for refreshment. That’s why; we are really in need of fans, traditional or electric. I've even have the electric at my side right now. But it is still hot!

It’s so hot and I’m going to wander the streets for my job hunt. Geez, I never thought that it would be this hard. Good thing I have a mother that always reminds me to bring water with me. Many people suffer from heat stroke and dehydration lately. Health is wealth.

It's kind of trending worldwide (!/search/%22More%20FAN%20in%20the%20Philippines%22)
He somehow looks like me
It’s so hot. I’m so hot. Filipinos are so hot.


  1. It's gonna be a hot and happening summer for you. :D

    The specs in the anime image is awfully similar to the one you possessed. You said you had lost it. Did you get it back?

    1. yes, I searched for it really hard...since you said they look great on me...hahahah...I cannot afford to loose it now. :)


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