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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Orange Day

I was in the hype of spic and span for the surprise birthday celebration of Rolyn (Orange Pulps). I was quite excited since she leaves out-of-town, so it will be a hitting two cans with one stone. I could greet her a happy birthday and I could travel in a place out of the city to breathe some fresh air.
So I went to the supermarket to buy as many orange things that I could see from orange-wrapped junk foods, orange drinks (soda and juice), orange yogurt, orange noodles, carrots, orange plates, orange sponges, orange biscuits, orange candies, orange snacks, and orange sanitary napkins. She is kind of obsessed with orange so I decided to give her what she wants.
Oh, we also bought orange-dominated color pizza and we tried to but orange cake was no availability so we ended up with cookie monster.
We carefully tried our best to surprise her; unfortunately, Albert (How to be an Einstein) spoiled it all after sending a message to Rolyn that we were coming. Albert has a habit of spoiling things especially when he did come with us for some reasons that we no longer believe in. So the surprise was not realized but at least we were there to celebrate her birthday.
Welcoming us were her parents, her father is a pastor and her mother is a pre-school teacher. And oh, while on our way to her house, his younger brother was shouting “Te Jen [Rolyn], naa imung mga classmates [you’re classmates are here].” It was a total spoil. She knew that we were coming but at least she did not exactly know when. But with his brother’s signal, there’s nothing even a single bit of surprise at all.
We got the candle lit with the number we chose earlier, 69. Why 69? Just deal with it, the number 19 is no longer available, and 69 is a bit funny as well. So after the singing of happy birthday and the prayer, we started to eat. We were really hungry since it was already past 1 pm at we have not taken our lunch yet.
Eating chicken, pizza, cake, and junkies

My photography, isn't it great?
After a long round of eating, we had some chatting and storytelling. And of course, the endless photo shoots. Then we went to a neighbor of hers to ask for some seasonal fruit. It’s “Seriguelas”, I don’t know what it is in English. I actually climb a tree after many many years. I’m actually good at climbing trees. We enjoyed the fruit very much since it is not readily available any time like apples or oranges.
On our way to the tree

That's me!!! hahahah....I'm like a monkey
Then we went to the beach to have another set of photo shoot. The view was stunning. Nearby islands were of sight. So then, we ate ice cream, perfect refreshment for the hot summer afternoon.


It’s time to bid goodbye. But we got stuck since there was no avail of transportation. We waited for almost an hour. We had no choice but to use our confidence to hitch some vehicles passing by. There were a handful of vehicles but they were all loaded. So while waiting for luck, we again had a photo shoot just beside the road.


I just like my color

waiting in vain

I'm an animal lover

And finally, a private vehicle answered our prayers and we got a ride back to the city.
Our way back to the city
From Rolyn thru an SMS:
Thank you for the ORANGE presents, thank you for the orange goodies, thank you for the not-so-surprising visit, thank you for the cake with a 69 on it, thank you for the good time :-)- TN
Thank you for the greeting. If only I could pawn them all, I could have had a lot of money now. Haha.
It’s great to be remembered. Sa uulitin ;-)”


  1. Replies
    1. Yes we are, in every possible way. hahah

  2. I have the same words as Izdiher.

    You guys never miss a chance to go all out and have fun. Oh well, youngsters. XD

    1. yeah, i just want to spend some days with them before i go somewhere i don't know...


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