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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the Rabbit and the of now

"Good leadership is not measured by the awards, attainments, and recognition that your organization received during your administration but on how well they will do after you have left."~Noblesse Key

I think most of you will agree with me. It is no longer a surprise to care what will happen to the publication when I leave. The publication has once experienced a tremendous quandary when the former EIC has left the publication without even orienting the next EIC. The result was drastic, the publication was in chaos, staffers are fighting, irresponsibility was everywhere which has led to loss of our three DSLR cameras. Worst, our EIC back then had quit. I lost a friend and gained an enemy because of that. 

On a related account, lay-outing has never been easy. But for me it is.Aside from being the EIC, I've been lay-outing the school paper for more or less two years. I can make a lay-out of a four page issue in a maximum of two hours. Well of course, that goes with no interruptions. It puzzles me why the previous lay-out artists take weeks before they could present a lay-out. Am I just too fast or they are just too lazy. Until this time, I still don't know the answer. However, one thing is for sure, I could have been a better EIC if I was just the EIC. 

But this post is not about me, and how hard working and talented I am. But to my two successors in the publication. I have trained two lay-out artists and hopefully they can level with my performance if not exceed it. I am actually nervous since if they won't do good next year that will directly boomerang at me as their mentor.

Let us start with John Rio or "Rio" as what I call him. This kid had shown great potential since I have seen him give interest on learning how to lay-out. Also, he is hard working and easy to teach. Well, there's no problem with him when it comes to work while I'm around. But I have observed that he is quite lax when I'm not supervising. 
He works very fast that sometimes he forgets some bits and pieces in the lay-out which is quite noticeable. I just hope that he'll learn to move on his own without my eyes watching. I just hope that the mouse will play when the cat is away.

Next would be Leonil Dayado or "Leo" for short. I have seen a talent in lay-outing. He catches instruction quite well. He has an eye for errors and easy to command. However, the problem arises when I have observed that he is quite the procrastinator just like some of the other staffers in the publication. That quality of a person is really troublesome.
In a weekly publication, everyone should be fast and efficient. This kid is quite easily lured into temptations. He cannot focus on his work and needs to be guarded. He is quite the opposite of the latter when it comes to performance.

The other one is a rabbit and the other one is a turtle. On the contrary, these two kids' journey has just started. I'm sure they will learn more and improve their craft. Well, that's what I hope and all that I can do now. Being an EIC is hard but anticipating what will happen to your beloved publication is quite a pain in neck.

PS Give all you've got and TN will give all it has. Good luck my students. 


  1. I don’t know if I am correct or not but I get the impression that you are extremely attached to this publication. Well that’s quite expected since you put in a lot of hard-work. Again it’s my own conjecture. Do clarify if I sound erroneous.

    “Good leadership is not measured by the awards, attainments, and recognition that your organization received during your administration but on how well they will do after you have left.”
    Really? I hope that you understand the difference between a ‘leader’ and an ‘administrator’. Holding a position does not necessarily make you a leader. Nor is it essential for a leader to be an authoritative figure. So how do you identify yourself- as a leader or an administrator or both? There is a fine line of difference. Owing to my knowledge being a graduate in business administration, I am just giving you a point to consider. Having unambiguous conception about this will help you in being clear about your ambitions career- wise.

    ”I could have been a better EIC if I was just the EIC.”
    ‘Delegation of authority’ is what you could have used. As the top order authoritative figure, you need to do more on the ‘management’ front of getting things done, not doing it all on your own.

    One thing is for sure, your successors need to watch out and perform their level best in order to match up to your potentials. Have faith in them. That’s your responsibility as the ex Editor-In-Chief.

    All of the above mentioned statements are based on my observation and perception of what I read in this and other related posts of yours. If at any point you feel that I am prying too much and discussing matters that I shouldn’t, then do point it out. I don’t like wasting my energy over something that wouldn’t be taken seriously or is considered unnecessary. I just think that you have the patience and the mind set to understand what I say. I welcome arguments to the contrary.

    P.S. I notice changes in the description of your profile. It was about time. Take care, the good looking graduate in Mass Communication! ;)

  2. "extremely attached"...hahhaha...Obsessed will do too.

    "Nor it is essential for a leader to be authoritative"...Really? hahahah...Then good 'cause I'm not that type. I'm a friendly one that sometimes my staff gets overboard and does not respect me in any possible way. But don't get wrong, I don't mind, they're just kids.

    Yeah, Leader or administrator? I think I'm both. It is just that I don't know when and where. hahaha

    Oh Sui, I wish it was as easy as distributing responsibilities.But we're a weekly publication and if one does not do his/her job on time, the timeline is ruined and me as the EIC has no choice but to carry the load.

    They better do their best.

    Just continue doing what you're doing Sui. You are actually saying the things that I want to say. And my staff is reading your comments. hahhaha...

    PS Thank you for know! hahahahh

    1. Phew! I am actually very relieved that you didn’t get angry with what I wrote in here. I tried to be as courteous with my words as I could. Okay, so it’s safe for me to use the word obsession. Extremely attached is a more polite form.

      You missed the point here. I said “authoritative figure” which implies a person who holds an official position whereas being authoritative is only an attribute. Don’t eat up the words. The meaning gets distorted. It was my bad to start a management class here. You are doing well in your field and it’s rather pointless for me to correlate one subject to the other.

      You had a tough going as the EIC of a weekly publication. Perhaps I should learn more about how such publication works.

      So I have unintentionally been helping you in reprimanding your staffs. Oh my gosh! They are reading it as well!!! I am familiar with some of their names …Umm so what do they think of me…never mind. I don’t have the guts to know the details.

    2. hahahahha.. this is so funny.

      first, I was not able to have a full grasp of what you really intend to say.

      second, maybe I should have not told you that you were helping me in a way.

      Honestly, they think that you're a very opinionated person which I think is quite true. They are following you one by one because they want to know you more. It's like, they are interested in you and your comments in my blog.

      You already have a fanbase here. ahahahhahaha

    3. Funny!!! >.<

      Opinionated!!??!! MEANIES!!! *pouts*

      You couldn't understand? Why didn't you say so? Geez, such a waste. *_*

      Fanbase, seriously??? You say that while laughing. How am I supposed to believe? O_o

    4. I did not say I did not understand...>.<..hmmmmppp, it's my fault..hahha..just drop it.

      You have not noticed yet? hahha...I won't tell you. It's up for you to discover! ahah! We are not mean, just understand, We're just kids...hahhah

    5. A bunch of kids! Okay, I back off right now. ;D


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