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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Senior Reporters are the BEST

It has been only two days since I started my life as a journalist but the pressure in now on. I woke up this morning due to the ring of my cell phone. I read the text message from my senior reporter. He told me that it would be better if I would write as least two articles every day. At he's expecting more than that.

Now, I am confident that I CAN write but maybe not as fast and efficient as the senior writers. I was just establishing myself yet they have given me such responsibility. I must admit that I am flattered as well since they liked my writing and gave their confidence on me. But the question is, can I leave up to their expectations?

With all my might, I took on the challenge. At first, I went to cover an event. There were hundreds of people shouting and standing at the gate. I do not how to get in because of the crowd. The feeling that I am really now a journalist has not yet sunk in so I am quite hesitant to use the name of the newspaper. But there was no other choice, I said it. "Kuya, I am from Sunstar Daily Newspaper, I will be covering the event, can I get in?" Luckily, I received a positive reply. 

I went inside and got lost, I don't know what the event is and I don't know who to interview. I got visions in my head, the vision that I might disappoint them. With that, I packed up my sleeves and put my journalist mask on. No smiles and no emotions. 

Good thing about being a newbie is that you always have your senior reporters to back you up even if they came from different stations. I met a radio reporter and he asked me to follow him. I think he knew that I was just a newbie. Then, we started interviewing the head of operations. I did not even formulate questions, he was already asking the questions needed. And with that, another round of few interviews and I am done. 

So I went straight to my next beat, the City Market. I arrive there without, again, knowledge of what I am going to write about. When I opened the door, I saw a familiar face, another reporter from a radio station. She was too kind to ask me if I wanted coffee. I refused her offer. 

And there, the interview began. I was just listening, taking notes, she was the one, again, asking the questions. I am not acquainted with the topic. But in a matter of time, I was able to comprehend what is the press conference all about. With my confidence back, I started to ask questions. Well, I have experiences when I have asked a question that is not appropriate to the situation. Human nature. When news gathering is done, it's news writing time. 

I went to the office (The NORSUnian) to make my news. Base on my experiences and I think, of others, news writing is easier than news gathering. So I finished the two articles in no time. Gave the signal to my senior reporter that I have already sent the articles. I am done for the day.

I could not express how thankful I am to the two senior reporters that I have encountered today. I could have not survived today's challenge without them.

Speaking of seniors, let me have this opportunity to thank Rachelle Nessia for helping me have this awesome job. She was the one who referred me to this job. I am very grateful for her generosity towards me. Well, she was also the former-EIC of the school paper, something we have in common. 

Check my latest article:

PS I am not writing what the articles are all about because it might spoil the news for tomorrow. Thanks!


  1. Love your new header . . .

    I think you'll get the hang of things as time goes by. It's always difficult to start a new job and "learn the ropes" as you go. So, as long as you have that positive attitude, it will help motivate you to be your best.

    In the mean time, I'll be cheering you on from the virtual sidelines. :)

    1. Thanks, I was having a hard time if it was nice, and somebody finally showed a liking to it.

      Yes, I'm learning as days go by. :)

  2. Seniors are seniors. Got to reckon their prowess. Good for you that you have encouraging and helpful seniors. Otherwise there are quite vicious ones as well.

    Well done Mr. Journalist! Keep up the good work! ^◡^

    1. Thanks Sui...I'm really grateful to have them!

    2. I forgot to mention earlier but I did notice your hard work on the header. Isn't it that photo on the swing which you had included on the post about your farewell? Not to mention that teasing Noblesse...err...I mean greeting Noblesse, welcoming the visitors from under a tree. ;D
      Who would believe that you are a journalist? You look like a spunky college fresher.

    3. Yes, you are right, it's included there. ahahhaahhah... I never thought that I was that childish..hahahahah...

  3. So happy for you :)
    Go and conquer this world .

    1. Thanks izdiher, I really wish I could but I'll try my best!

  4. hey Noblesse , wishing you the best :)


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