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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Three Big News of the Day

Okay, the agony that I felt for the past weeks has brought me to depression. I was indeed in a matter of doubting my capabilities. The knowledge and skills that I have acquired suddenly felt useless. I said to myself that maybe I was just too confident. Maybe, I'm not as good as what I think I am. I got pressured where to apply for jobs. I actually became a sore loser. But, a single text message blew my blues away. 

This morning, I received a message from the first company that I have applied that I passed the Copy Editor's examination. Yey! Finally, my long wait paid off. I almost did loose hope there. It was three weeks ago when I took the examination. Anyway, now I'm just waiting for the contract signing. I just hope it will not be another three weeks. Hahahah...

I could not hide my joy and excitement. I'm going to be employed soon. I'm going to be editing lots of books and journals. Hoooh! I know I'll be an editor by profession but still understand if I have some grammatical errors here. I acknowledge the fact that I'm still to be humble. 

But fate has played on me again. I was actually hired as a writer in one of the biggest DAILY newspapers in the region just this afternoon, isn't it freaking? I was waiting for them for a long time, they kept me waiting, and now they are all hiring me. What is the meaning this? Oh well, I covered a news event at the mall this afternoon. Passed my article to the editor, and I'll just wait if they'll like my writing and if lucky, it could be published by tomorrow. 

So as of the moment, I am a certified journalist. In the next few weeks, a copy editor and a journalist. Is there a life that could be more exciting than this? I feel the adrenaline rushing. I had not felt this urge in quite a while. I cannot wait how much money I'll be earning. JOKE! I just hope I can handle both responsibilities, but it's worth the try. 

Speaking of agony, there is still one thing that I was really anticipating. The poem about me that will be written by the one and only almighty Sui. And yes, when I went to my dashboard this evening, there it was. The awesome poem about ME. There were certainly lots of praises there. Which I happen to like very much. Well, I'm just a shallow person.

I could not fathom the happiness I felt to be able to read that wonderful poem. The effort, though she says that making a poem is effortless for her, that someone gave just for you is such a grateful experience. I never thought that blogging could be this fun and exciting. Thank you Sui! You're the BEST. Here's the link:

So three big things happened to me in just one day. Can you imagine my face right now? Don't! It will just give you nightmares. :)


  1. Yay Me! Bow down before the almighty Sui. Even the great Noblesse considers me the best. Howzaat
    Ahem sorry, I got a little tipsy reading your words. :P

    Woohoo! Hooray! Whoopee!
    You made it Noblesse! I can imagine the happiness you must have felt after receiving job calls. The wait was worth it.

    You are not shallow. Everyone likes to be praised. Well you go a little further by accepting this trait.

    I only stated the facts. If they seem to be just praises, so be it. I am glad that I penned something that spread joys on the faces of those who read it, especially the one for whom I wrote it.

    I am pleased to know that I (via the poem) got to be a part of this very monumental day of your life.

    Best wishes from, one and only, Sui! (^v^)

    1. Whoops! Correcting the error before future editor notices:

    2. You deserve that title Sui. Thanks, yes, I'm really filled with joy lately.

      So you only stated the "facts"...ahahahah...I'm really happy with that. From now on, I'll try not to jump around when I hear praises about me. ahahahahah

      Thanks again, Almighty Sui.

  2. Congratulations!! yaayyy!!!

    Is it legal to mention the biggest daily newspaper in the region? hahaha...or is it available in Manila..I'll be your fan, PROMISE! ;)


    1. Thanks!!!

      I think there's nothing wrong with it...I'm at Region VII- Central Visayas. I work at SunStar, every region has their own newspaper..but maybe someday, it will become a national newspaper. It is available online. I'll give a link if I can publish an article. hehehe


  3. Congratulations on your new jobs! It sounds like you are going to be quite busy, but I pray that you will do well. Just do your best, and try not to stress too much.

    I'll have to go check-out that poem that Sui wrote about you. She's an awesome blog friend of mine too. :)

    BTW, I don't think your face could give me nightmares, ha, ha! :)

    1. Thanks Mara.

      Yeah, you better check it out. It is really awesome not that I'm the subject, well a part of it, but the thought is just amazing.

      I think I get what you mean. Thanks.


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