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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ABC's of Dating

I have been in this writer's block for quite sometime now. So, I just searched the internet and found these questions often asked by girls to guys on a date. I am not into dating so I find it funny for girls to ask these questions.

Well, for those who have plans of dating me, these will be my answers! 

If you woke up tomorrow as Paris Hilton, what would be the first thing you would say to the press?
I’m Noblesse Key and I’m in Paris Hilton’s body.
If you could kill someone just by looking at them, who would it be?
The former-president.
Have you ever spoken to a woman you were not attracted to, just because your friends dared you to?
Yes, I even asked money from her. I really liked that dare.
Do you believe in a parallel universe?
Yes, I think there’s another me somewhere.
What is the one thing that you would NOT like to change about yourself in your next birth?
My brain, I want it to be as intelligent, if not more.
Would you rather have an attractive gay man check you out, or an old stooping woman make a pass at you?
When was the first time you lied to me?
To you? Who you?
Have you ever intentionally told someone another person's secret?
I cannot remember any but I guess I have.
How long do you think it would take for you to walk from the Earth till the moon?
15473 Days.
Would you kiss someone just because someone agrees to pay you for it?
No, I have long reserved my pair of lips.
Between an intelligent woman who acts dumb or a dumb woman who tries to act intelligent, who would you pick?
 I don’t like acting.
Have you ever been attracted to an underage girl?
I am not a pedophile.
How often do you change your profile picture on Facebook?
Many many times.
If you were a girl, which of your present GUY friends would you like to date?
Do you think it's alright if a woman pays the bill for a dinner that you've asked her out to?
Would you rather watch a recorded football match or go on a long drive with your girlfriend?
Long drive with gf. That would be really fun.
You say you love me, but do you LIKE me?
For the second time, who you?
You're marooned on a desert. You're dying of thirst. A genie appears with just one sip of water, and another mysterious liquid. What would you choose?
One sip of water. Don’t ask more than what you need. I have learnt my lesson.
How would you react if you found out that your 'girlfriend' was actually a guy!!?!
*heartbeat* ^---^---^---^-------------------------------------------------------------
What is the one word that you absolutely HATE people using?

I am turning 21 on the 22nd. I am almost at legal age. How fast time is! 


  1. -->>Best questions:
    1. Have you ever spoken to a woman you were not attracted to, just because your friends dared you to?
    Yes, I even asked money from her. I really liked that dare. (hahaha.. kaluoy ne G_______! oopz!Baga jud kag nawong sah?)

    How would you react if you found out that your 'girlfriend' was actually a guy!!?!
    *heartbeat* (hahah.. do u really have to include this one? oh well!. Accept nalang ken!.hahah)

    If you were a girl, which of your present GUY friends would you like to date?
    YUCK! (Be real men! bwahaha.).

    Ok!. do u really dare to go on a date? SERIOUSLY????!!.hahah...

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. @jela: Wala ko ka.gets...kay ikaw wala ka ka.gets sa ako answer...disappointing...

      @Anonymous (Albert Umbac aka How to become Eistein)..bleehh!!! I have a back-up!

      @jasmin: Hooooh!!! My number one fan!!!

  2. The first photo in this post made me laugh, though I actually had a similar experience MANY MANY MANY years ago, and it wasn't exactly pleasant, but I survived.

    What do you plan to do on your 21st birthday?

    1. Really, that's really hilarious!!! I think that's an awesome experience, i think..ahhahaha

      I don't have any plans yet! If i get my salary, maybe by then.

  3. I like your answers. Can't say the same for questions.

    I'll be 22 on 22nd. :D
    Way ahead of you! HAHAHA

    1. ahahahahah....

      What are your plans for our birthday Sue?

      PS I'll be expecting a present from you.

    2. Sue??? >_<
      Did you do it on purpose or you really forgot the spelling of my name? If it's the former then I am fine and if it's the latter then I am sad.

      P.S. Sui would be expecting the same.

    3. ooohhh...I'm so sorry...I got your spelling jumbled with my seat mate Sue...We are partners in the training...weird, isn't it..I'm deeply sorry...

      Then, it's a deal...presents for everyone!!!

    4. Sad... :(
      ...Just kidding. :P
      It's okay! :)

      I am off to buy presents.

  4. With that answers..probably none of the
    female-she-specie would dare to date you..hahaha

    When will you be serious key?? I mean serious with relationship??

    *a small bulb lit up* I got my answer!! maybe in the far future???..hahaha

    1. yesterday is history. tomorrow is a mystery. today is a gift, that's why it's called present..

      I really don't know Shen, I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

  5. hahaaa...that's too many of questions, my bf is lucky that am not that kinda gal cos I hardly have questions ;)

    1. hahahah...actually that's just 1/4 of all the questions...Yeah, that would be troublesome...

  6. I found some of the questions strange and this question creepy... "Have you ever been attracted to an underage girl?"... and then this ridiculous... "You say you love me, but do you LIKE me?"

    Girls who want to date you would probably behave after reading this post hehehe! :-D

    1. yeah, I really hope've been in a date, right Irene? What do you usually ask?

    2. Well, the guys I went out with were actually my guy friends so the dates weren't much of a getting-to-know-you date. It was more of "how was your day?" "how's work?" "how's school" type of conversation etc etc plus we have a lot of things in common so those were the things we usually talked about hehe :-D

      And I'd rather prefer when the guys voluntarily share those information without me asking. I don't like pressuring guys with details about their lives, the same way I do not want to be pressured to divulge some details about mine ;-)

    3. So that's a BORING is certainly so much fun to hang out with make me miss my classmates...geez...

      Really, that's so cool of You Irene!

  7. Oooo, do we really have to go as far as mentioning our age, LOL... or is it just one way to prepare a space in our subconscious that your birthday falls on the 22nd?

    All my fiends who admit to writers' block all came up with good stuffs ~ I guess, it's a way to let you in to something more fun and creative :) My art mentor says one's mood shouldn't stop him/her from writing or drawing :)

    About the ABCs you've mentioned, one, I think those questions were made by a girl/gay LOL...Tell me if men are just as fussy?

    I admire the accuracy of your answers, well calculated and well thought of. Funny, witty...well, that's you :P

    Take care and have fun!

    1. Ooopss...I forgot the r in friends LOL!

    2. Yeah, you hit that right...I'll be expecting my present from you melissa...

      I often run out of ideas especially when I use my brain too much...The training is getting the toll of me...

      I'm glad that you, as a girl, were not offended with my answers...

      I'll take care, surely!

    3. LOL Key, I'm not a girl, I'm your grandmom :P

    4. Your TOO old to be my grandma...ahahhaahahah

    5. Geez! LOL!Greatgrandmom?

    6. no, more like ancestor...ahahahahahah

  8. I never asked something like that on a date.
    and I WONT!!!...hahahahhaa

    1. ahahahah...Certainly, you're a unique gal, Clai!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. If my date turns out to be undesirable (sorry i'm quite a superficial type of person), I'll ask him these questions and other nasty questions not mentioned here just to humor myself throughout the night, rather than boring myself to death with his presence. He rather be the one pissed on our date than me. Hehehe.

    1. Certainly, you have another date in mind. You made me laugh here...ahahahahaha...seriously?

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