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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


There comes a time when you tend to show the personality that you think that would best fit the situation. I don't call it deceiving, it's more of adapting to the environment you are in.
Before anything else, I would just like to clarify that I do not have any multiple personalities or you might think that I’m crazy and the like. Personality switching is no longer new for me. It all depends on the situation as what many would say. And I know you have tried to do the same.

Life has not been easy for me. I’m not fortunate with almost everything except for my brain. Thus living a hard life has brought me two egos, Key and Ken. These two personalities that I have has shaped me to the person I am now. 

Without no further introduction, let me acquaint with them!

Key. He’s the jolly type. Always happy and kind, we’ll very kind. He does not want any fight or misunderstanding. He is talkative and a good joker. He likes to make people smile and laugh. He is often seen nowadays. He is a narcissist. He’s quite lazy that sometimes he would skip class just to watch a movie or not do his work just to blog. He is very confident, outspoken, and spontaneous. He handles hard situations with a smile. He loves attention. He likes to eat soft ice cream. He is fund of Korean music. He likes to dance and sing solo. He is fun to be with. He likes surfing the internet, Facebook and Youtube are his favorite sites. He is actually the person that you are visiting every time you are here in this site (most of the time). He’s me.

Ken. He’s the bad type. He’s a dangerous person that would do anything just to get his goals. He’s very protective of himself. He’s not the person that anyone would want as an enemy. He’s the best liar. He’s the greatest story maker. He’s strong. He does not cry or feel sorry. He does not know how to forgive. He is vengeful. He is very sarcastic. He has a minimal temper. He is easily annoyed. He does not like ugly (more of the personality side) and dumb people. He does not like people talking about him. He hates pretenders. He hates debts. He hates big noses. He hates people who are good of washing their hands. He’s very intelligent and a fast-thinker. He despises people who succumb to insecurities. He is very clever. He’s me. 

Since you’ve already met my two alter egos, it’s about time to meet Kenneth. 

Kenneth. He’s the simplest person you’ll ever know. He likes to read books and novels, also mangas. He is very serious. He is quiet. He is calm. He likes to wear white plain T-shirts. He is a good leader and the best follower. He is hopeless romantic. He loves anime. He is caring. He’s me. 

Yes, I am the three-in-one. I may have been a friend to some and an enemy to many but this is what we call life. I am sure you have a favorite side of me, whether it’s Key, Ken, or Kenneth just remember that it’s me.

PS I'm re-posting this to explain why I'm kind and not kind sometimes.


  1. Hey, I guess we all have these alter ego's. It's a way of living a cool life. Those who don't have they are basically boring. lol. But Key seems the best, and kenneth seems a down to earth kinda guy. But moreover, You are awesome to have these three in you ;)

    1. Thanks Dark, is there a white Angel as well? I really think so...ahahahahah

  2. It's all part of a complete package. Do you recall this line from Readers' Challenge #3:
    "Facets of humans are varied
    This is just a hint of what he carries."

    As humans we have all the emotions existent in this world. It's just that some develop, some are underdeveloped and some are forgotten.

    You are you, that's all!
    I say hello to Key, Ken and Kenneth. I don't mind interacting with all sides of you. It's more interesting that way.
    Cheers to you all-in-one!

    1. Yeah, you really hit that right Sui. Ms. Sharp shooter!

      Yey, I'm glad that you're cool though I have just exposed how sly I am. ahahahahah

  3. Well, that comprises who you are. I think it is because different types of emotions are evoked in varied situations. Like it is definitely normal for a person to feel upset in an upsetting situation. Or angry when provoked. But it's good that you are well-aware of these emotions, because it shows how much you know and accept who you are. Nice meeting Kenneth and Ken! :-)

    Now, I wonder who among the three is my frequent blog commenter? Hmmm... :-D

    1. Understanding who you are and accepting your glitches, yeah, I think I have come across that.

      As expected as it may seems, it's Key whose been around for a while but Kenneth is quite attentive to your posts as well.

  4. para ka pa rin palang nescafe na 3 in 1....siguro mabuti kang kaibigan pero masamang kaaway,hehe....

    1. Parang ganun na nga...mabait naman talaga ako...minsan.

  5. What a statement :) I'm glad you know who you are at your best and at your worst. Just be aware which you feed more.

    Knowing yourself is also important in relating with other people.

    Oh, btw, kindly leave your signature after writing a post, LOL, just so we'd know :P

    1. yes., I certainly agree with you..

      Okay, I'll do that!!!


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