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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Days

Hi blogger friends, I have been away from the blogosphere for quite some time. I never thought that I would be saying this but "I'm busy with my work." I really miss ALL of you. I miss reading and commenting on your blogs and I miss changing my header. 

Geez, I'm so excited!!! HAHA

The worth of P1, 625

The amount stated above is actually the pay I got for writing-I think 15- news articles for Sunstar News Exchange. It may be a small amount but it signifies that I have delivered my duties and received something in return. I am really happy to have that money which proves that I actually have become a journalist. 

I am very happy that I have not put down my teachers who have unconditionally given their best to teach me on the ways of journalism. I am truly grateful that I could face my mentors with head up high. Wow! I'm overflowing with joy. 

So much for the amount's high symbolism, money is still money and it should be spent. So the first thing I bought was FOOD. I ate a lot and I mean a LOT of food all by myself. I am in utter gluttony. The training for copy editor is squeezing all my brain and energy. I really have to eat. 

A comment to be posted

I am in great disbelief to read his name on my page. The teacher who taught me "not to take a bath just to finish my work." The mentor who taught me "not to sleep just to finish my work." The teacher who taught me "not to eat just to finish my work." 

Yes, he is the teacher who caused all my hardships in college. BUT without him, I could have not learned the things which have helped me to succeed in my every endeavor. I thank him for making me suffer for I have strove hard to face and conquer every challenge that life has to offer.

Sir John Dx Lapid is a News Correspondent and Photojournalist at The Freeman Newspaper (the rival of the newspaper I'm working with now..hahahahah). He was a former TV News Anchor at ABS-CBN Central Visayas. 

"This is a very nice blog you have here. This is the first time that I have visited your blog and I must say that you have given ample time and effort to come up with this. 

Continue to be a role model to your juniors and a good friend to your batch mates. Most of all, continue to be an excellent student of life.

Again, though you are already working as a copy editor, don't forget to render your talents to a larger audience, maybe someday. You have the looks and intelligence to be in the media particularly in the television.

Good luck in your endeavors!"

Isn't it great to be appreciated by your teacher. I could not wish for more. If you want to see some photo inspirations, here's Sir Dx's beautiful photographs.

You're safe with me

In the world we call Internet, there are things that we have no control of. We have no assurance whom we are talking with or communicating to (I may have blogger friends with dark agendas...aahahahah..just teasing). But one is thing for sure, YOU are safe with me. 

Just to prove that I have a clean record, here's my National Bureau of Investigations Clearance certificate. So you don't have to worry as far as I am concerned. Ahhahahahah...

The Thumbs Up which got thumbs ups

The most famous social networking site is indeed YouTube (I am Blogger!) and certainly, everyone has there own opinion on every video. So I took time to comment and leave a mark on two videos that I have visited. And I was surprised that it has gained attention. 

First is the Music Video "Twinkle" of TaeTiSeo, a sub-unit of Girl's Generation. I was running my Kpop playlist when I came across the video and since it was getting famous, I left this thumbs up. 

Second is the Music Video of SHInee "Sherlock." It was also part of my playlist. I was just amazed with their choreography that I left the same Thumbs up. And look what I got. 

I must admit that the abovementioned Kpop groups are my biases. Ahhahahahaha...Cheers to Kpop! Someday, I'll be in KOREA!


So guys and gals, these are the things that has happened in my life so far. I may have missed some few days but I hope I had catch up with this. Have a nice Day :)


  1. congrats .I like the way your teacher motivated you in college and you did good.

    1. Thanks! Yes, he really did give me a hard time.

  2. Congrats! Great site! ok ang mga graphics and gifs!Keep it up!

  3. Wow! Ur career's doing great. Good vibes!. TN wishes u all the best in life Key (...apil na imong bFF) . ;-)

    ahmm key.... Myrna, Shen and I cited this from ur post, "But one is thing for sure, YOU are safe with me." Yeah! Gikataw-an ka nila... TRUE!

    Well anyway. Pick-up line time:
    DX! DX! DX! camera ba xia??.
    kay ganahan kong CAMERAng duha. Lol! hahah

    1. Aw, I don't think so...

      ahahahahah...Yak, Kids!

      Dream on Jel...that's the only thing you can do.

    2. Why Am I included???? karun pa ganeh ko naka-basa ani nga post.... Tsk! jela...jelaaa...jelaaaaaahhh.............

  4. Working, busy and getting paid too! That's fabulous!

    It's a huge reward to be praised by a teacher. The tougher the challenges, the more strength you gain. You are right to be thankful to this teacher.

    We are in safe hands, such a relief...haha
    I think that I'll need to put more than my IDs to prove my innocence. The toughest is to prove that I am a human. :Þ

    SNSD gets my thumbs up too.
    Shinee + Sherlock = AWESOME

    Happy to read your happy post.
    Well wishes!

    1. Thanks Sui, it really is.

      Yeah, but it took me along time to realize this..ahahahaha..I kind of had a grudge on him at some point...ahahahaha

      ahahahahah...there's no need for you to do that Sui, you're completely worth trusting. :)

      Yeah, they are both awesome!!!

      Thanks, Take care Ms. Sunshine!

  5. Wow! You're heading for the stars :D and I like that you dream big. You'll be in Korea and you'll be whoever you wish yourself to be someday (soon ;) as long as you put your heart into it.

    I do understand how it feels to be in the editorial team. The corrections seem endless. Hayzz! My eyes and head ached after checking some articles, but Nitropdf with all its sticky notes could give such relief.

    One of the great things I read in your post today is you feel rewarded for a job well done :) CONGRATULATIONS KEY! I think it's a pre-gift for your debut LOL!

    You are indeed showered with so much blessings because you're such a positive kid! How flattering it is to be lauded by a prof and a well-known one. There goes all the credibility :)

    Oh, attenzione on posting personal documents okay? One of my friends just got spammed (so be extra careful with identity theft and get a very good spyware ;)

    Ooo about the apps, well, I really have to catch up :P I do not know this vids :P

    Stay happy :D

    *You are precious. It's not the things that you do that make you great, it's who you are ;) God bless you Key!

    1. Yes, I'm a dreamer..And I really Dream BIG!

      Yeah, I am really wondering where are you working. So we are both in the editing section. That's absolutely cool, finally, someone that could share her experiences.

      Thanks melissa, ahahaha...pre-gift for my debut! I like that!

      Yes, I am really happy to see that comment in my page. It inspires me to improve my posts.

      Wooohhhwww...that's scary...may be I should put that "copy right" software..

      What?!!!! You don't know SHinee and SnSd...ahahaha...I understand, we have different taste when it comes to music..

      Thanks melissa, I'll remember that...always. :)


    2. At some point, I realized how really 'kind' and respectful you are LOL. I don't know SHinee and SnSd because I belong to another generation ahahaha.

      I work as a staff in a medical journal :) We have our own copyeditors but at some point, I do help out in editing. I have no formal training but I was involved in writing since College :)

      *these vids...:P I'd like to think it's a force of habit to edit, but it could be very "--------" :P

    3. I read through my post and I did not find any 'kind' stuff...ahahahaha...I'm taking these things seriously.

      Medical journals!!! I am actually on that account! I'm trained to edit medical journals...ahahaha...

      Different generation? You really look my age though.

      "-------" ahhahahaha

  6. "You have the looks and intelligence to be in the media particularly in the television...."
    I bet this is the most flattering part of your teacher's comment.

    1. ahahahaha...I could not agree more...

  7. "You have the looks and intelligence to be in the media particularly in the television."

    I bet this is the most flattering part of your teacher's comment

  8. CONGRATS to you! Paburger ka naman! Just send it via LBC!

    Hehehe. Well, it always feels good everytime a mentor of your compliments your work. It boosts your self-esteem and gives you more self-worth! But I don't really think you need further boosting! Hehehe. You are oozing with star power and confidence, which in fact is a positive attitude of yours!

    More power! :)

    1. "oozing with star power and confidence"...ahahahaha...I can only be like that here in the blogosphere...

  9. I am at utmost eloquence to say Congratulations!
    Anyhow, I know the feelings to be appreciated by someone whom we consider our mentor. At some point, we felt that we, are nonetheless worth the appreciation especially that we've struggled so much to live up with their expectations.

    With this, I am giving my crown to you for your good jobs as copy editor and neophyte journalist in the real sense.

    1. Thanks're so kind.

      "giving my crown"..there are just Filipino expressions that we cannot translate to Filipino..ahahhaah


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