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Monday, May 21, 2012

It's My Birthday

Tomorrow, May 22, Noblesse Key will be turning 21. 

So what's so special about birthdays? The food? The gifts? The greetings? I honestly do not know. We just celebrate it every year, don't we? We have a million of ways on how to celebrate our birthdays, as for me, I EAT!There might be serious topics that has come to your mind but, mind me, I'm not the sentimental type. 

So what am I going to eat tomorrow. First thing that came to my mind was pizza. Yeah, I can eat an 11-inch pizza all by myself. Pepperoni and Ham and Cheese...yum yum yum. I actually become the most gluttonous person in the world during my birthday. Oh, I cannot wait. I'm salivating while making this post. I changed my mind, I'm going to eat pizza tonight. Okay, I need to stop. I'll just eat what I see tomorrow. 

Though it's my birthday, I'm going to give a very special treat. I hope you still come back when you see this!  

I have been hiding this picture for more than a year now. This photo was taken during The NORSUnian Interpersonal Relationship. Our theme was Greek Gods and Goddesses. And as ironic as it may seem, I have chosen to do Eros (Roman name : Cupid). 

Photographer: Act cute! Like a baby...
Key: Bleeehh!!
Photographer: Ahhahahahaha...hides photo.

After few days, I searched for the folders in the downloads. I saw the picture and burst into laughs. This is really hilarious. I ignored the picture because I think it will only create ruckus if I give it attention. 

To my surprise, I just noticed two days ago that this picture has been uploaded in Facebook by one of my former-staff and has gained quite the attention. She even made some hearts and stuffs. Hooohhh...

So before this picture swarm Blogger, I'll do the honors to embarrass myself. Happy Birthday to me!


  1. advance Happy Birthday Key. D-bo mo pala. Haven't receive my invitation yet :(

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow :)

  3. 21 is a special milestone Noblesse. I remember how special it was for me those many years ago.

    An advanced happy birthday wishes to you Noblesse. Live life with purpose and vision for a great and meaningful future. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because you learn from those mistakes.


  4. Oh geez! And here I came running all the way from ... because I thought I missed your special day. Or is this post a gentle reminder?

    'Act cute!' That really sounds funny. Well, I guess the Cupid stuff worked well :P

    2 hours and fifteen minutes away to your celebration :D YEY!

    1. Blessings on your birthday Key :) Happy debut :D

  5. ♫Happy Birthday to you~~~ ♫
    have fun on your birthday!!!


  6. Ang cute ng picture,lol.Happy Birthday to you. God Bless!

  7. Happy birthday N!!! If only I'm near you, I would volunteer myself to go with you! I also love pizza! Hehehe..

    For your b-day why don't you try the 14-inch one or even the biggest? Treat yourself. You deserve it! :)

    1. I cannot eat all of that...thanks jelai! :)

  8. liar ! liar!.. Someone made that pic for you???.. hahahha
    Don't get me wrong pero murag ikaw dag-y ang ga-upload ato . u were even the one who created that!. ahahaha..
    Oopz ! naughty me ;-). L♥VE to spoil eh!

    1. I was actually referring to you Jel...ahahahah...

    2. huh?.. U actually think I made that?? oki k lang??!!!
      unsa bha!!.
      well anyway, wa lagi mu-comment c Ms. Darkness?. LQ mu.. haha. Same raba mu ug b-day. ne-greet pud ka niya???

  9. happy birthday... debut...debut...debut...

  10. Happy Birthday Kenneth, have a great day and an exciting and fun year ahead, 21 on 22, couldn't be better, wish you all the luck in life :)

  11. I already greeted you on your birthday post, but I found this quite amusing! hehe 21 years--you're so young! Life still has a lot in store for you! :-)

    1. ahahahah..I'm glad you find it amusing than gross..ahhahahaha..Thanks Irene!


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