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Saturday, May 26, 2012

sensitive Teacher vs insensitive Student

I could still remember the first time I had a misunderstanding with Sir X. It was last November 2011 when the fourth year Mass Comm students were tasked by our college for the Short Film. As the leader of the group, I facilitated the making of the film, from meetings, food, accommodation, and props. 

The thing is that each college will get a cinematographer to shoot the film. All the colleges have agreed on that matter. However, Sir X is against the said rule since it will be unfair for us. Unfair in the sense that since it was an inter-college competition, only the students should be involved in the said contest and should not allow outsiders. On the other side, it will also be unfair for other colleges since we, Mass Comm students, are already acquainted with the ways of the camera unlike other students from other colleges. 

Now, we absolutely understand his point. But, it is just that, we just agreed with the rules of the competition and somehow ignored his sentiment on the matter. Nevertheless, it was also painful on our part since he was the one who told us all the knowledge about film-making. 

While celebrating our first day of shooting, we were currently having a feast when he called at Pearl's phone, instinctively, Pearl handed over the phone to me. Then the conversation starts.

Sir X was mad at us for ignoring his idea and just go on with the shooting. 

Sir X: Asa mo? (Where are you now?)

Key: Sa Valencia Sir, mana mi shooting sa uban nga scenes. (Here at Valencia, we're done shooting some of the scenes.)

Sir X: Kinsa ga.shoot ninyo? (Who did the shooting?)

Key: Image Bank Sir, sila may nahulbutan sa college. (Image Bank Sir, they were the ones gotten by the college.)

Sir X: Nganu nisugot mo! (Why did you agree?!)

Key: Unsa di ay problema Sir? (What could be the problem Sir?)

Sir X: Dili ko ganahan maki-pag-istorya nimu! Ihatag ni Pearl! (I don't want to talk to you! Give it to Pearl.)

Key: *stunned* 

Then a long round of rants came running. All we can do was to listen. We tried to explain but he was too mad and preoccupied to listen to our explanation. So the night was spoiled but no one did say anything bad, we completely understood his point. However, the show must go on. 

He was mad, mainly at me. I was a stubborn student. I have pride which is often interpreted as arrogance and being disrespectful. And as the leader of the group, I should stand firm. Fortunately, we won the short film competition which has somehow tendered his anger. So,we are friends again. 

On May 22, 2012

I was at Sir X's house since I was giving assistance to Don in editing the videos. I was happily surfing the internet. Everything was fine, I even "trended" number 4 on Twitter if you can remember my previous post. Then Sir X asked me to buy two sundaes (for the both of us) and three burgers (for me, Sir X, and Don).

When I reached Jollibee, I suddenly felt that I don't like eating sundaes, so instead buying two sundaes, I only bought one for him and bought a spaghetti meal. When I went back, I started eating and ask Don to have half of the spaghetti. To my surprise, he got mad with the gesture of not telling him in advance that I bought a spaghetti meal instead of a sundae. 

He was saying words which has spoiled my appetite. I tried to explain but he was, again, preoccupied, failing to absorb anything. I just said that I won't eat anymore and I'll just go home. I don't know what has gotten into him that he was forcing me to finish the meal. But I'm certain that I won't. 

He grabbed the spaghetti and told me that he'll slap it on my face if I won't eat it. I refused to be threatened with such action which has somehow added fire. I really thought that it was improper for him, a teacher, to do that. I said SORRY for not telling him. (He knew that I don't have load and my cell phone was just left on his table while I went to buy the food.)

He told me that I was being disrespectful for not telling him that I will change what he asked me to buy. I really do feel that it was not necessary since I will be the one eating. It was his money. That sentence blew my top, but I was still in cool shape. I was really cool which again, irritated him since I was just cool, normal voice and posture, unlike him who was shouting. 

With my frustration, I took a hundred bill and said that I'll just pay for the meal. (I just had my honorarium so my pocket was in good shape that time). He was mad with that, I know that he will, but I did not care. I was certain that I will go home, so he asked me to bring the food with me. I brought it in order to end the discussion.  

I grabbed my things and gone home. Don tried to return the hundred peso as instructed by Sir X, but I won't accept it. I don't care what he will do with it but I won't accept it. 

It is true that whenever we go to his house, he always feeds us and let us borrow his things, computers and laptops. But, I never thought that he would say that to my face. So, no more visiting. But I was thankful for his great accommodation though. 


2 sundaes= P 90.00 + 3 burgers= P 75.00 (Total cost, P 165.00) 

1 sundae= P 45.00 + 2 burgers= P 50.00 + Spaghetti meal [spaghetti, burger, coke] = P 80.00 (Total cost, P 175.00)  

The ten peso difference is really not a big deal, so if it is not about the money then what? Not telling him that I will not buy a sundae, who's eating it anyway. I really cannot get his point. I tried to fathom his logic but there was none that I could think of. 

It was just like that. If only he had listened to me but it is now too late. We were friends and now we're not. And I think not like our first misunderstanding, this time, there will be no reconciliation. I was really disappointed with the teacher I really look up to. Goodbye teacher, it was nice meeting you. 


  1. That's really inappropriate of him as a teacher. Hopefully, he won't do that anymore to his students unless he wants to be de-licensed! ヅ

    Mabuti na lang at gumradweyt ka na! ヅ

    1. I think so too...yeah, I ope so..but don't get me wong..he's a good teacher actually..just a moody one.

  2. I think there's no misdemeanor here, most probably misunderstanding and pride.

    I think Mr. X gets offended when you do less in obeying because you overruled him. Oh but there are a hundred ways of handling these emotions with tact and prudence.

    One is, he could have done better, if he asked the students' opinions. It wouldn't hurt to hear what you have to say. Or if he asked what you preferred to eat rather than just order food he liked to eat.

    Hmmm... oh well. Just get the good things you have learned from this situation and leave the rest to God who knows the truth.

    The next time you see him though, smile at him. Maybe you could win him back by your kind gesture. And most probably, he'll be more mature by that time :P

    1. yes, I know you have known better...

      Maybe he just got carried away...he's kind of immature in some way...

      I'll certainly do that..he was a good teacher though...

      I'll smile? I'll try but I think I cannot do that..ahhahahah

  3. He might be crazy at that time u know some peeps become angry for no reason.

    1. I think so too...ahhahahaha...moody people are hard to spell...

  4. Baka may problem lang si Sir. Naging big deal sa kanya ang walang gaanong kabuluhang bagay hehehe. Anyway, that really happens. Let bygone be bygone. Lessons learned!

    1. ahahahhaha...siguro nga ganun outlet ako..akhahahahahah

  5. Replies
    1. ang ikli ng comment mo pero...ang TINDI! ahahhahaha

  6. Immature... thats the best way to describe teacher X. it's not a big deal yet he make fuss out of it.

    1. I'd rather...not agree and disagree..aahhahahh...

  7. Immature... thats the best way to describe teacher X. it's not a big deal yet he make fuss out of it.

  8. So sorry to know that you got involved in this situation, Key. It can be burdensome when you know you are in conflict with someone, even if that conflict is something unintended on your part. But I think it's possible that your teacher could be dealing with some personal issues and displaced the anger to you. I'm just not sure. Just trying to help in easing all the confusion in your mind as to why he had such emotional outburst, and at the same time looking at him more with compassion instead of disappointment. However, it does not mean that I condone what he did. Any form of distress does not give anyone the right to be rude. And you do not have to be friends with him because friendship with a negative person is not a healthy relationship.

    Still, I do hope this will be settled eventually, Key. God bless!

    1. Thank you irene...your words were really deep but easy to seem to have experience on this matter...

      Thank you again!

  9. teachers come in all types...some are like this :(


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