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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Love at 4 sizes

After six days of work, it's time to take a break and chill out. I cannot even remember when I had last opened my blogger, I miss this world! After enjoying reading LOTS of manga, I got tired and decided to watch a movie. I tried to search for "ATM," it's a famous Thai movie, but I could not find the video. So instead, I got this's about kids getting in love. TSK! These kinds of movies really pisses me off, how come kids get their own love stories at an early age...why not me? ahahhahahaha...Did I just sound bitter there? 

Shorter than a Synopsis

Basing on the title, it is obviously about four love stories.

First one, about a boy who is very confident, especially among girls, who met his match. This portion is really funny. It is a hot sizzling story that will make you sweat! Unto the wilderness, where no one is around, will the both of them warm the cold nights? Watch out!

Second, it is about a girl who keeps on waiting for her boyfriend who studies abroad. This story is quite the melodramatic type, but still very good. Having only Facebook as their mode of communication, will she wait in vain or will it be worth the wait? 

Third, it is about a playful girl who is in a relationship with a serious boy. Well, I really find this kind of relationship unique and cute. The girl is very noisy and nosy which often leads to fights. Will a relationship bound with misunderstanding last? 

And fourth, it is about a boy and a girl who are best friends. Both of them have feelings for each other and when they admit it, they became a couple. But what if there are more things that they can do when they were still friends rather than being a couple. Are they better off being just friends? 


One thing I admire about this movie is that not all love stories end up well (I won't tell you which story/ies). It is somehow realistic considering that not all relationships really last. This is not an award-winning movie but it is worth your time. If we are in the same boat of course!

Oh wait! I guess I'm done loading the next movie. Till next time friends! Teehee!!!


  1.'s true that not all love stories end up well ~ depending on what wells mean. Now I have to ask if I sounded bitter? LOL!

    I'm sure God will give you your own lovestory :) Til then, enjoy watching the movies :P

    1. A little bit...ahahahahah

      I sure hope so...

  2. wow, this sounds like an interesting movie!

  3. hahaha!!! hindi ka nag-iisa Ken! Late bloomer din ako! I met Robby and became my first-ever boyfriend when I was 21 y/o. ^_^

    Ok lang yan, enjoy your singlehood! Savor every moment of it! ヅ

    Speaking of Robby, he just posted about the 2012 Motorcycle Convention he joined in so please check it out!

    Thanks! ヅ

    1. that's good to hear...and somehow not good to hear as well...

      I'll enjoy it as long as I can..ahahhaahha..

      I'll certainly do visit that!!!

  4. ANGELO????? my gash!!! you're learning....

  5. I'm not really much a fan of romantic movies because I learned that love is different in real life hehe

    I don't regret not finding love at an earlier age (referring to my teens hehe) because looking back, I knew I wasn't wise enough to handle it.

    Aaand you are young, dude. You'll still meet a lot of women in your lifetime!

    Aaand why the heck am I reflecting so much on this post? Forgive my reflective nature. Sometimes it gets waaay too much LOL

    1. It's a good thing that you can express your thought on this matter Irene...

      ahahahahah...anyway, I have to focus on work first...

  6. "Kids in love"- I find this statement quite funny.
    Everything seems good when it's all for fun but just wait until it gets to the real picture. Everything comes with a responsibility. Kids are not in a state to understand that.

    What about you? I thought that your life was on a high after you made a head-start with your career and that fateful meeting with the pretty lady.

    Keep hoping for the best Mr. Key. Enjoy watching the movies and suggest me some good movies which aren't romance based, if you don't mind. :)

    1.'re so harsh on the kids!! ahahahahahah

      I'm really busy, I cannot visit my blog often..

      Thanks Ms. Sunshine! and welcome back!!! :)

      ahahah, i'll think of one...

  7. I won't comment on the post anymore. I just want you check this out.

    (visit this blog)
    You will find it interesting.. hahah. MGA KALAHI NIMO ;-)

    1. I'm not a fan of ss501...but thanks for the effort...crush nimu sila?

    2. Ngeee! Not even my type ;-X .. SUM-od! hahahahah


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