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Monday, June 18, 2012

Alien caught on Video

I am in utter shock. I have seen ALIENS. I was not able to move a muscle. Mind you, there were a lot of them in different shapes and sizes. I really thought that they were going to eat me. I almost peed on my pants but I already fainted before I could even pass out. (huwhaaaaaaat!!!!!??????)

Good thing I had me camera ready. This could be the discovery of the millennium!!! I could even become rich by this. Let me say this straight, I am not possessed by an alien. 

The following video and photos are highly explicit. Rated SPG. Parental Guidance is strictly recommended! Do not continue if you have a weak heart. Thank you.

If you know someone you will pay me gallantly for the original video and photos. Please contact me on my email ( It will be a 50-50 share. Thank you!


  1. i can't stop laughing! ahahaha!!!

  2. Hehehehe. Do these aliens have their visas with them? :) I should call the MIB!

  3. OMG! SO scary Key. I checked this out in the morning :P

  4. Yikes! Honestly, most of the pictures are gross.. hahaha. Some are QUITE cute pero disgusting jud mostly.. My goodness! Can't imagine if we all look like this ... Grabiiiii!.hahah

    Pahimulos jud sa NB key ;00))


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