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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Independence DAY

I was quite lost in the blogosphere for the reason that I no longer have my personal computer. The NORSUnian office was quite convenient since it provides me free computer and internet. I have learned so  much because of the privilege I had because of TN. After I graduated, I find it hard to balance my career and hobby considering that I still need to go to internet cafes just to log in, very time- and money-consuming.

But the surprise I was not expecting came. My granddad, who was celebrating his 74th birthday (June 12- Independence Day) handed this Samsung N135 netbook. Finally, an easier way to connect with my online friends. The birthday boy giving gifts, ironic, isn't it? 

Anyway, it is bad to not accept blessings, right? 

on June 12

The Philippines is celebrating it's 114th Independence Day. And, Sibulan, the town where I am living, is celebrating it's town fiesta. For those, who do not know what a "fiesta" is, it's like a thanksgiving day wherein houses prepare food for distant-living relatives, guests and visitors, or everyone that is hungry or want to eat. 

It's a triple celebration, Granddad's birthday, the town's fiesta, and the country's Independence Day...while everyone is very busy preparing for the dinner tonight, I'm stuck with my netbook, surfing the internet and updating my blog. ahahahahah...

Here are some of the photos with the Youcam:

Little Bro Kaye (left) and Cousin Reeve
Kaye with my niece Ingkay
Narcissism on the act

LOL!!! my cousin Jeymar..
Me with Birthday Boy GrandDad Ely
With Niece Ingkay...

Kids!!! little narcis
With cousin Jex...
I've been away in the blogosphere for quite a while. But, I promise to be here more often than before!!! Okay!!!


  1. wow! my best wishes for the good times you are having now...that was a great gesture by your grandpa! happy Independence day too!

    1. Thanks grandpa is he best!!!

  2. fiesta sounds great, boy .
    happy Independence day
    happy B-day to grandpa .
    Your Grand pa is good :).

    1. Fiesta's are indeed nice...thanks izdiher...I'll tell grandpa for sure...

  3. That's definitely the Noblesse we all missed. It's always fun to read your cheerful posts. I couldn’t help but smile while looking at the lovability on display in your photos with your relatives. Might I say that your grandfather rocks! What a splendid gift he gave you on his birthday. I am extremely happy to see you back to blogging. I will stop it here before I get too mushy. :D
    Enjoy! :)

    1. We also miss Ms. Sunshine, we both had hibernation..aahahah

      Thanks for appreciating the photos...I'm happy to see you too...

      Again, welcome back ms. sunshine!

  4. someone's gonna treat me soon. hahaha. ^_^

    1. I'll treat you like a dog! ahahahahha

  5. Hi,
    snap shots are good
    and good ===
    I like your blog and am going to follow you.
    You may follow me
    take care.

    1. Thanks tariqmian...I also followed you bak...welcome to my site!!!

  6. Send my regards to kaye;-)
    Mwaaah mwaaah! chup chop! .. haaha

    Nawonga ken!. BITCH ra japun.. hahahahaah

  7. You're such a positive young man. Yeah, we missed you but I'm sure whatever you were doing outside the net has helped you out a lot.

    Happy Independence Day and wonderful blessings to your lolo!

    1. yes, i'm basically working my butt off...thanks melissa..

      I'll deliver the message to grandpa.

  8. The youngest of the family is actually the CUTEst!!! pinag-manahan talaga ang batang si Kaye..... Diba ken??? hahaha

    I can say that he is one of the descendants of Key's Narcissistic nature!!! hehehe

    1. late reaction man Shen..anyway, it's in the blood..we love ouselves!!!

    2. haha..karun ra ko naka-visit og usob..


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