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Monday, August 20, 2012

Two days UNBATHED!

Let's get some noise here...let me start it with my fart! pppffffrrrtttt!!!!! 

Sorry for the bad manners I got there. I just want to start this post with something smelly and fishy (I had fish fillet for dinner). I haven't taken a bath for two days. I don't eat lunch. And, I'm not touching my computer (just posting this). I'm currently punishing myself for disappointing myself.  

You read it right! I am self-punishing as of the moment. This is the first time I'm actually sharing this side of me but I've been doing this since I was little. It kind of relieves me. I hate disappointing myself, so when I do, I do it to the extreme.

The reason for this is choosing the wrong decision. I am slowly regretting why I chose the copy editor position over being a journalist of a well-known national newspaper, an information officer of the biggest university in the region, a managing editor of a local newspaper, or a managing editor of a magazine.

Being a fresh graduate is quite frightening so I chose a work where I can be with my friends. And when I thought that doing so would make me happy, I guess I was wrong. 

Being a copy editor is not easy; we get to be trained vigorously and intensively. So as trainees, we were given with "one of the best senior copy editors." Unfortunately, she was not trained to be a trainer. She really does not know how to approach trainees. Thus, we really haven't learned a lot from her. I know when I'm just making excuses and when I speak of the truth. This time, I'm certain I'm not making any excuses. 

For more than two months, we get to listen to her "British" accent. She was indeed an intimidating woman. She was scary! So we cannot ask her questions because she might think that we are stupid. It's easy to say that "only dumb people are afraid to ask questions" but it's always the opposite. So our evaluations were really LOW, considering that she gave us "hard" files though we were still trainees. Then, she quit her work and left us not properly trained. So we get to stare at the monitor for weeks.  

Now, the company got us a new trainer, he is simple-minded (girl trainer-complicated and strict, boy trainer-easy going). We get to improve our scores, and the instructions are clear now. Easy to follow. But it was too late.

When we thought that the 3.5-month trainee period will end, we are now facing a new predicament. The administration thinks that we are not yet fully trained. To make the story short, we are not ready to be hired. The company will be, I think, extending our trainee period with the same "LITTLE" allowance of course! When I say "LITTLE," it is really little that I can't afford to mention it. 

Whose fault is it? IT'S THEIRS!!!!!! Giving us an untrained trainer who does not read the style manual herself. Oh crap! Not to mention that other employees think that out batch is stupid for getting low scores before.  

Now, thinking of it, I realized that I was wasting my time, my effort, and my TALENT! Now who's to be blamed really? It's me. I made a wrong decision though I was not fully aware of the future.

Don't worry, by the time you're reading this, I'm done with my self-punishment and I must be taking a bath...of course I'm naked! ;P 


  1. I don't what to say. I wan't to laugh at the same time I feel your anguish. HAHA, there goes the laugh. Don't feel bad, I'm sure there are lots of possible job waiting for you. Good luck!

  2. i honestly didn't want to read your last statement, but i did before i realized what was written there lol anyway, as they say, everything comes with a purpose. there is no use regretting, key, although i know that's how you strongly feel when you wrote this. just charge this to experience. you'll meet more people like that difficult lady in the future. do your best not to let such disappointments get the best of you. and what may be disappointments to us at present could actually be blessings in disguise, leading us to a better future.

    okay, take a bath now. and scruuuub your dead skin cells off well! lol!

  3. I can relate with the I-chose-a-work-where-I-can-be-with-my-friends-but-turn-out-wrong, though, in a perfectly different story. Guess having these wrong decisions are always part of the process. And were just some proud victims. XD. Best luck to all of us.

  4. Oh dear dear one! If you complain now as a trainee what would you be a few years from now when hired as a real employee?

    Let's put this in a positive note :) Being part of a journal team is both a blessing and a gift. Consider this training period as grace...

    One, I think, one's training does not depend solely on the trainer. Have you ever considered nourishing yourself Key. Learn from expert copyeditors. I'm sure you know some. I consider copyediting as one of the toughest jobs ~ a copyeditor has to run through all the articles and references and the minutest details matter ~ but it's the most worthwhile.

    What 3-5 months training when you got a whole lifetime to learn what you're doing? No to mediocrity Key.

    The seed (your talent) has been planted, fertilize it with good soil (well, a blind person couldn't lead another blind, so get yourself a learned trainer), water it with patience and hard work, let the sun (stinging words)strengthen you. Then you reap rewards (a good job that comes with a good salary) after.

    Ask questions...ask. No to mediocrity ('okay na ito'... 'sige na lang' attitude)and face your fears.

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going :)

    Now breathe and relax ;) Okay brush your teeth first and take your bath. First things first LOL...

    Lots of love and God bless. You'll grow up ~ don't be in such a hurry :)

    1. *What's 3-5...

      Did I write no to mediocrity? LOL... Take care of yourself :P SMILE :D ~ it's a holiday so I have more time to write :P

  5. what if hindi na lang nag palit ng trainer niyo ang company......

  6. It's good that I am sitting in some other corner of the world. My nose is safe! Haha
    Okay, that's a very lame joke.

    Anyways, since you are already cleaning up on your act there is no need for consolation or suggestion. You might as well rant it out so we get some feisty posts on your blog.
    See ya!

  7. Aynako Kenneth, kawawang bata. Hehe. But I'm sure it's God's plan. And God's plan, never fails :) It's for your own good in the end. Little did you know, you're becoming much of a copyeditor :)))))) Kaligooooo naaaaa! ><

  8. what a shame ;-( I pity you. hehehehe *grin*

  9. kennnneeetttthhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, ..aja2x!!!!!!!*(:


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