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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

After the storm is indeed a sunny day

After one month of excruciating waiting for the Copy editor exam results, four long months of rigid training, and three weeks of agonizing pain and uncertainty, yesterday, October 1, I am finally qualified to be a Copy Editor. Yes, with all the right words, I am going to be hired! 

A fresh graduate taking his first official employment, that's ME! Oh, it feels like passing the Board Examinations. Out of the hundreds who took the examination, then out of the six filtered trainees, I was the only one to pass. It was really tough, but I have survived. 

Basically, that's the reason why you haven't seen and heard much of me lately. Did you miss me? I have lots of free time, but I just cannot get my mind off waiting for the results of the training. I was utterly restless! But I'm back now!

I am really really really happy. Though, I feel really really really sad as well. You might see this as melodramatic, but, you know, two of the six trainees were my batchmates in Mass Com, two of my best friends. You know when you're only 15 in your class, the bond you make is just awesome. 

Rolfdon was the first one to be called in the assessment room. I was really nervous for him. Then, when he got out the room. His face was blank. When he told us that he did not pass, I joked to him and said to quit the acting. But when a singe tear fell, in an instant, I knew it was true. Oh, how could I just accept that he failed!? Oh, you cannot imagine how I want to cry that time, but I don't want to look "uncool" so I just kept it inside. Funny but true.

Next was Maybelle, she did better than Rolfdon. When she got backed, before I could ask if she passed or not, I was already called to the assessment room. Maybelle is the strong and almighty girl I know so she did not seem to show any emotion of disappointment on her face. She is the "tough" one in our batch. But by her actions, I know she did not make it.

It was my turn now. I was completely and utterly nervous. I was breathing through my mouth with the company executives watching me. I really did not care how I'd look like. The hell!, I was so scared! So after the twists and turns, the frightful words they tried to convey which actually did not fool me, the good news was delivered at last. The sole survivor. 

When I got back to where the others were waiting, I told them I passed. I smiled and then took it back. I guess I should laugh and shout and do things a happy person does. But I cannot, I won't, and I don't want to. It was quiet for a while. They congratulated me. I passed, and that's all. Speaking of a bittersweet moment. 

It's time to move on. I went to my parents house, if you know what I mean. I told my mom that I passed. She was really happy and then continued lecturing me on how should I spend my money and that I should save a portion of it for future use. A typical mom that she is.  My brother is really proud to have a big brother as intelligent as me. haha!

So yeah, that's it. In a completely different topic, I had a hair cut. I bid goodbye to my long hair. I just thought that a short and clean cut is more appropriate in an office. LOL!

 PS Well, it does not mean that I won't commit mistakes anymore since I'm a copy editor. LOL!




  1. congrats...qualified ka na as copy editor..

  2. congrats tol! Paburger ka na! XD

  3. tthats great...happy for wishes!

  4. Congrats and all the best for this new job :-)

  5. congratulations for passing, key! this is the beginning of another journey for you. :-)

    i know how you feel when you said you felt sad for your friends who did not make it. failure teaches us a lot of things and this will only make them stronger. and maybe they are meant to work somewhere else. perhaps where you will be working now is not their destiny.

    all the best to you, key! God bless! :-)

    p.s. i'm really bothered by the reactions to your posts: delicious, tasty, eatable... if you know what i mean lol

    1. Thank you Irene...

      Regarding the's a product of my "naughty" mind...wahahahah

  6. First off congrats for the job! and also for passing, you being the sole survivor seemed like a great true story!

    Its sad to hear that your friends didn't pass, but so what, you guy will be in contact!

    I like your new hairstyle, it looks cool and manly! ha ha!

    1. Thanks Dark Angel...

      Thanks for the hair as well...wahahahahha

  7. Way to go Noblesse!!! You did well. Congratulations!
    It's been such an eventful year for you. All your efforts have finally paid off. Good job!

  8. first time ko dito.... pero congrats na rin... ^^ okay yan... may new hair cut para bagay sa new office... Goodluck ^^

  9. I have read this when we saw each other in Twitter a very loooooong time ago :P

    I'm really happy for you.We use Chicago Manual of Styles (CMOS) for copyediting in our journal ;)

    God bless you in your new endeavor :)


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