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Friday, October 12, 2012

It's sort of WET!

I am now living with my 65 to 70-year-old grandmother, my real grandma’s sister, a spinster, and have polio. Basically she’s old and has a disability. But she needs no pity, she can survive on her own, well she has enough money in bank.
Between the two of us, obviously I’m the more capable one. Then, one morning and out of the blue, she asked me if I could go to the market to by some freshly caught fish. She likes it fresh. Along with that are the spices needed since we’re going to have grilled fish for lunch. Her assistant was not around that day. Tsk!
Oh boy! I can’t imagine my face that time. I have not been in the market for years! I’m practically embarrassed just by thinking I’m going there. You know that feeling when there are some places that 21-year-old guys don’t go. The market is one.
Haha! I could not say “no.” So, going to the market was inevitable. I put on my sando, my boxers, my shorts, my slippers, and then the most important piece, my cap (for my secret identity...LOL). Then, I took a bath with my cologne. The weather was really cloudy, but it felt like the sun was aiming on me.
When I reached the entrance, I planned all my actions. To be as fast and swift as possible, from buying THE fish (it was no ordinary fish, it’s THE fish) to gathering all the spices needed. But my plan did not go as planned; there were hundreds of fish there. I could not pick one! It took time before I settled on the big red fish that was still jumping. Freshness, check!
The hardest part was the ingredients—onions, garlic, red and green bell peppers, ginger, lemon grass, chili, and sauces. That moment as if you’re the most important person in the world, sales ladies calling me here and there, I don’t know how I made it through, but I did.
When everything was all in, I blew the greatest sigh of relief that I have made. So that’s the latest adventure I’ve had. And it’s sort of wet, isn’t it?


  1. I can imagine your confused look at the marketplace, Key LOL!

    I myself don't know my way around the market LOL I am more used to buying them at the mall. At least that was quite an adventure for you haha!

  2. I'm no good at going to market too.

  3. "The adventures of rookie copy editor in a market"- It made it for a fun read. :D

    How did the grilled fish taste? Surely it would be more delicious since you put so much efforts.

  4. I'm my mom's slave when she's going to the market. Thankfully, I can now go there alone.

    But yeah, it's sort of wet. You'll go home with your feet drenched from a mud wrestling.

  5. i haven't been to the market with my Mom for years since we moved to another state. nowadays, we usually go to the market like Tesco to buy the groceries and I'm telling you, the fishes are not as fresh as the REAL market. hehe.

    by the way, i'm writing a new story and i've posted it in my blog. feel free to read it :)

  6. that's why it was called wet market, ayt?

  7. Oh that's one adventure, I'd really like to try. My mom's not getting any younger and sooner or later, I have to take her throne :P

    Soooo, did you like it?



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