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Friday, December 7, 2012

I know you missed ME!

It seems like I'm starting all over again. Yeah, I've been away for the longest time. The reason for  my absence was actually very simple---I got busy and somehow lost my appetite for writing. Nevertheless, I know I still have my chance to get back at my game, don't I?

It's always a dilemma when you're gone for quite sometime since you certainly have a lot to share. So let me start it with...with...uhhmmm...hmmmm...I don't know where to start! Well, I'm still a copy editor. Thank God!

I've been editing countless "unfathomable articles." My blood level is really low, I'm always suffering from nosebleed. The journal articles are about kidneys, chemicals, bees, belugas, brains, sex, social issues, nails, climate change, etc. Oh, there was an article that I have edited written by Harvard (yeah! as in Harvard University, the home of geniuses!) professors, PhD holders, and officials. Imagine a fresh graduate editing the article they have spent YEARS to create. I'm floating in mid-air! Nevertheless, the job is boring, but I somehow like it.

I'm just actually happy that I'm back now. I missed EVERYONE!

I've been reading novels (tons of it), watching movies (in the movie house since I can afford it now...hahaha), and going out with (ex)classmates now co-workers and co-professionals! Yehey!

I'm very excited to share my life again to you guys; I hope you are, too. Till next time! DUDES AND DUDETTES! 


  1. I really missed you Kid !
    Good to see ya back .

  2. Hey, Welcome back :-) Glad to see you write again

  3. ,..YEEEEHHHEEEEEyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!,,.welcome back kenneth,.,hehehe*(:

  4. Yeah! You're really back! Hahaha.

  5. That's quite an interesting header you've got there Noblesse. And next time, inform us before going on a hiatus else hell will break lose...:P

    1. I'm so sorry! I don't want to worry you...But thank you for checking up on me! I'm really grateful!

    2. I will be worried if I don't hear a word from you for such a long time. I am a very dedicated friend even if we are only blog friends. I take pride in throwing tantrums here. *evil laughter*
      ...I think I have caught your habit of being over dramatic. XD

  6. welcome back, mr. Key!!!!

    i really, really missed you!!

    i hope you'll visit my blog and the others just like you used to...haha :D

  7. Welcome back Key! An yeah, we missed you! ^◡^


  8. I think we were on Twitter when you came back. I'm glad that you're back to writing even if your entries get shorter by the day LOL!

    I also understand your work as copyeditor. Sometimes, it really seems endless paperworks...but I pray you hone your skills more.

    Take a few breaks in between and write :) God bless you and your work.

    1. wahahhahahaha... I'm trying to keep it shorter, it seems like I have the habit to roam around the bush...wahahahaha

      Thanks Mel.. good to see you back!


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